Menu Innovations

Ruby Tuesday Unveils Upgraded Salad Bar Nationwide

Keeping those New Year’s resolutions just got a lot easier thanks to Ruby Tuesday’s new Endless Garden Bar. Ruby Tuesday has an all-new, expanded Endless Garden Bar with more than 55 ingredients—nearly double the number of items offered on the previous Garden Bar—at all locations.

100 Best Restaurant Practices

Whether you find these innovations inspirational or aspirational, they represent ideas and practices on the rise. Some are already moving into mainstream settings—applicable for operators with one location or hundreds, in casual to fine dining.

From Skin to Fin: How to Use Every Part of the Fish

Typically, a chef will send out oysters or caviar, or maybe extra desserts, to a special table. But recently at The Dawson in Chicago a more unusual treat arrived at our table—a spectacular tuna collar on a platter.

9 Ingredients Defining the Plate in the New Year

87. Avocado: It’s become the little black dress of the restaurant scene.88. Olives—with their blend of sweet, sour, salty, and acidic tastes—amplify the flavors of other ingredients.89. Fruit, like watermelon, is the ideal ingredient to accessorize dishes to be both savory and sweet.

The Top 10 Cuisines Coming to America

There's no question ethnic cuisine is a hit with consumers. Moving forward, it will pay big dividends to stay ahead of the latest trends and offer cuisine that's both exploratory and satisfying.77. African78.

9 Ways to be a Restaurant Trend-Setter This Year

68. Find flavorful (and profitable) beauty in ugly foods—like those aquatic bottom feeders or bruised produce.69. Institute a 20 percent service charge to cover a no-tipping policy and increased minimum wage.

How to Rethink the Plate in 2017

6. Aloha! Hawaiian cuisine gains traction in restaurants across the U.S.7. Protein overload: From steakhouses to burger bars, entrées are stacking up with multiple meats per serving.8. Thinking of citrus? use it to replace oils, sugar, and syrupy marinades to add moisture and a caramelized finish to roasted veggies and grilled meats.

5 Fine to Fast Restaurant Innovations

1. Chops may rule in upscale settings, but lamb burgers have gained dominance on menus every year for the last decade, up 17 percent in 2016.2. Hybrid concepts expand the revenue stream for full-service restaurants by bringing the same caliber of chef-driven cuisine to a breakfast bakery menu or counter-service lunch.

Red Robin Introduces New Items, Including Avocado Chicken Wedgie

To kick off the 2017, Red Robin rolled out its newest craveable and flavor-packed offerings, including the guilt-free and bun-less Avocado Chicken Wedgie.Available through March 19, the 360-calorie Avocado Chicken Wedgie features a fire-grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, avocado, tomatoes, red onions.

For First Time, Friendly’s Introducing Bottomless Pancakes

Friendly’s, the operator of over 260 restaurants in 14 states, introduced Bottomless Pancakes to its breakfast menu for the first time in the brand’s 81-year history.Additionally, Friendly’s restaurants will continue to serve families an exceptional morning value by permanently offering an unbeatable 50 percent Off Breakfast deal at each restaurant location, available Monday through Friday during regular breakfast hours.

The Top 5 Supply Chain Trends for 2017

Leading cost reduction specialists Consolidated Concepts announced the top five restaurant supply chain trends for 2017. In the coming year, labor costs will continue to challenge restaurant operators even though food costs stabilize.

Denny’s Unveils Affordable Menu for the New Year

Denny’s is kicking off the New Year with limited-time offerings delivering more value and variety than ever before, featuring high-quality flavors in a variety of delicious dishes sure to satisfy diner cravings.

Exploring the Bounty of Winter Citrus

There’s something magical about winter citrus. More now than at any other time of year citrus grown in warmer climates has begun to peak, evoking sweeter, juicier flesh and bright, colorful peels. “Winter citrus is different from year-round citrus because it is much more varied,” says Carrie Nahabedian, chef/owner of NAHA and Brindille in Chicago.

Washington, D.C.'s Ripple Unveils New Menu

Ripple, in Washington, D.C., announced the unveiling of a new menu to kick off the New Year. Recently appointed Executive Chef Ryan Ratino has carefully constructed bar and dinner menus sure to deepen the guest experience with a spirited, artful approach.