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FLAT Tech Prepares for Biggest NRA Show in Company History

The 2018 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel (NRA) Show, held in Chicago, Illinois, will be one of the most important shows in the history of FLAT Tech. With two booths and new product demonstrations for attendees, the show will be a prime opportunity for FLAT Tech to engage restaurant owners and chains with their award-winning line of products.

HOSPECO Makes Disposal of Menstrual Care Products Easy

It’s time for the menstrual product disposal bin in public restrooms to clean up its act. HOSPECO Scensibles SecureFit360 Poly Liner Bags protect janitorial and sanitation staff with a unique design that makes it so their hands never have to reach inside the bin.

PAR Technology Introduces PAR Pay for all PAR POS Software Solutions

ParTech, Inc., a leading global provider of point of sale and workforce efficiency solutions to the restaurant and retail industries, announced the introduction of PAR Pay, a SaaS based EMV enabled transaction processing solution for processing credit, debit and store value cards.

Hatco Offers Flexibility with Drop-In Hot or Cold Well

The HatcoDrop-In Hot/Cold Well dualistic unit can hold hot or cold food products. Whether it’s to hold hot breakfast foods or keep salad items cold and fresh, the HCWBI unit incorporates the Hatco quality of both the cold and hot well units into one.

Introducing Follett Horizon Elite 2110 Chewblet Ice Machines

Follett LLC announced the launch of the newest and largest capacity member of the award-winning Horizon Elite family. The 2110 series Chewblet ice machines have the same patented scale-inhibiting design as the 1010 and 1410 series with greater production capacity.

Southeastern Mills Introduces new 'Louisiana' Brand Hot Sauce Varieties

Southeastern Mills, Inc. introduces two new varieties to The ORIGINAL “Louisiana” Brand Hot Sauce line providing operators with the flavor to spice up any menu. Since 1928, this family of hot sauces uses the time-honored techniques of Louisiana-style cooking, produced from simple ingredients, including carefully selected and hand-picked, authentic sun-ripened peppers.

Healthy Brand Oil Announces 2 New Non-GMO Frying Oils

Healthy Brand Oil announced the launch of its new Prime Non-GMO Project Verified Expeller Pressed Canola and Excelle Non-GMO Project Verified Expeller Pressed Soybean oils. These new oils were developed to help foodservice operators meet the growing demand for Non-GMO products to fulfill their customers’ demands for healthier food options.

DASANI Sparkling Launches 3 New Flavors

Since its launch in 2014, DASANI Sparkling has become known for its zero-calorie, unsweetened, naturally flavored lineup. While the brand was first introduced with four original flavors, the DASANI Sparkling family has since grown to offer a distinct range of unique, lightly carbonated waters in a variety of refreshing flavors, including Berry, Black Cherry, Meyer Lemon, Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, Tropical Pineapple, Watermelon, White Peach, Strawberry Guava, Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit.

Introducing Portion Control Milk and Creamer Sticks

Milk in a Stick is ideal for foodservice operators looking to offer high-quality, ambient-temperature milk in portion control to support their hot beverage service. Available in whole milk, reduced fat milk and creamer, Milk in a Stick provides a straightforward choice to consumers: Each stick contains only one ingredient.

Skewdats Skewers Lets Operators Build Profit Through Appetizer Cocktails

Customizable cocktails took a leap forward with the announcement of an exclusive foodservice offer from Sacramento Tomato Juice and Skewdats Cocktail Skewers. Skewdats are the easy way to load appetizer items already on an operator’s menu to upsell Bloody Marys, Bloody Marias, Micheladas, and more as “appetizer cocktails.