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New Products

DS Smith Rapak Develops Bag-in-Box Packaging Solution for Concentrated Alcohol Spirits

With summer officially here and a growing consumer demand for portability at home or on-the-go, Rapak North America, part of DS Smith plastics, developed a Bag-in-Box offering for the spirits world. Rapak created a tough and puncture resistant bag for Bag-in-Box that provides convenient dispensing of premium high-alcohol spirits and cocktail mixes, for parties, sporting events, and outdoor activities such as picnics or camping trips.

Introducing Java House Authentic Cold Brew Coffee

Heartland Food Products Group has been in the business of making coffee taste better for over a decade. As a part of their continued innovation, they are launching JAVA HOUSE Authentic Cold Brew Coffee a product that is poised to change the game for coffee lovers everywhere.

Johnsonville Introduces Applewood Smoked Chicken Apple Split Sausage

Johnsonville is introducing a new Applewood Smoked Chicken Apple Split Sausage for customers seeking a better-for-you sausage option without compromising on flavor. The new naturally smoked chicken sausage has real pieces of apple, about half the fat and calories of a pork sausage, and is the first chicken sausage in Johnsonville's Smoked Sausage line for foodservice customers.

Rational USA Launches New Recirculating Hood Portfolio

RATIONAL USA, a leading manufacturer of combi-steamer technology, launched the UltraVent and UltraVent Plus recirculating hoods for SelfCookingCenter models 61/101 and 62/102. The UltraVent absorbs and dissipates steam, and the UltraVent Plus adds special filters that capture grease and smoke that occur during grilling and roasting.

FLAT Tech Enjoys Successful NRA Show

The 2018 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, held in Chicago, Illinois, was another great success for FLAT Tech this year. Having earned the Kitchen Innovations award for their new FLAT Equalizers, the company had a lot to share and a lot to be proud of at the show.

National Restaurant Association Introduces ServSafe Workplace

The National Restaurant Association announced it would add a new element to the ServSafe program, ServSafe Workplace, which will offer training programs focused on creating and sustaining a positive work environment for the restaurant and hospitality industries.

How NYC's Ban on Trans-Fats Launched Healthy Brand Oil

Who ever thought that Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to ban trans-fats in New York City would play such a significant role in the success of Healthy Brand Oil. As the owner of the Jason-Rose, a manufacturer representative company located on Long Island, Brad Green had been representing a manufacturer of frying oils to broadline distributors and wholesalers in the greater New York City Metropolitan area in 2000.

Idahoan Launches New Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Idahoan announced the launch of its new Idahoan Truffle Mashed Potatoes made with real black truffles and Certified 100 percent Idaho Potatoes. This first-to-market mashed potato product is made with real truffles and allows operators to feature on-trend flavor for a variety of menu items.

Introducing Ecolab's SMARTPOWER Warewashing Program

Changing food preferences and increasing costs are driving restaurateurs to reexamine every aspect of their operations. As a result, operators want their warewashing to deliver more than sparkling place settings; they also want to reduce labor, water and energy costs to help boost profit margins.

PepsiCo Foodservice Launches PepsiCo FlavorWorks

PepsiCo Foodservice announced the launch of PepsiCo FlavorWorks on Tuesday, a differentiated offering that delivers inspiration and information to operators and enables them to reimagine the use of PepsiCo’s portfolio of loved food and beverage brands to create unique, post-worthy dishes.