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New Products

San Jamar Introduces HACCP Color-Coded Scale Platforms

San Jamar has long been recognized as an industry leader in providing premium, innovative solutions for the foodservice industry that are smarter, safer, and more sanitary. In that spirit, San Jamar announcde the launch of its newest product, HACCP Color-Coded Scale Platforms.

Alto-Shaam Expands Vector Multi-Cook Oven Line

Alto-Shaam expands its Vector Series Multi-Cook Oven line with the F Series full-size electric models.Building on the success of the H Series half-size model, the introduction of the new Vector Multi-Cook Oven F Series full-size models can accommodate full-size sheet pans and hotel pans as well as give operators the ability to combine oven chambers to accommodate taller food items.

Vollrath Introduces NUCU Premium Cook and Bakeware

NUCU debuts its exclusive collection of premium cookware and bakeware at the Atlanta Gift Show, held January 10-11 in Atlanta. Designed by The Vollrath Company, LLC, a leading manufacturer of equipment and smallwares for the professional foodservice industry, the collection takes more than 140 years of foodservice expertise and quality to the home kitchen.

TABASCO Celebrating 150 Years of its Famous Sauce

In 1868 Edmund McIlhenny harvested his first tabasco pepper crop from which he created a piquant sauce to enliven the flavors in foods for family and friends. The creation of this simple sauce would unwittingly change the way the world eats forever.

LevelUp Launches 'Broadcast' to Drive Restaurant Discovery

LevelUp, the restaurant industry’s leading guest engagement solution, announced the launch of its new Broadcast service. This new solution empowers restaurant brands to reach massive audiences of new consumers by allowing them to browse live menus, order ahead and pay directly from within a network of the world’s most popular and highly trafficked digital channels including Facebook, Messenger, Yelp, Foursquare, Amazon Alexa, Chase Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and more.

Vertex China Adds New Options to Elements Collection

In today’s digital world and the increasing prominence of social media in everyday life, a dining experience has become something to share with everyone you know, instantly. In 2018, creative plating presentation importance is at an all-time high with trendy foodies looking to photograph a dish before a single bite.

HOSPECO Introduces TASKBrand SureGrip Adhesive Floor Mats

A slush-covered entryway during a winter storm. A slick floor near the water fountain. A puddle forming behind the meat counter or in front of the produce section. Any of these common occurrences can result in a slip and fall accident causing injury, lost work time, or lawsuits.

Survey: Customers Appreciate Eccentric Chefs

Independent and small chain restaurant owners have always had many roles to play in the daily running of their businesses, from being the chef, to managing operations. Today, they face yet another challenge: an increased need to reach out to customers in a competitive digital space.

Stop Coffee Spoilage with Coffee SavR

Coffee SavR is a highly effective new product that keeps coffee fresh tasting for longer than 90 minutes, even when kept on a burner or in a heated dispenser. This unique, patented (#9,480,268) formulation of approved antioxidants and stabilizers significantly slows down the oxidation and deterioration processes in hot-brewed coffee.

Beaufurn Introduces the Cone Collection

Beaufurn, the manufacturer of fashion-forward, functional designs announced that it is introducing the Cone Collection. This eye-catching design works in restaurants, coffee houses, ice cream parlors, sporting venues, and universities. Launches Eco-Friendly Body Fluid Spill Kits

The new Eco-Friendly Body Fluid Spill Kit from allows foodservice establishments to comply with state and local food codes while also achieving corporate sustainability goals.“Beyond a keen focus on efficacy against foodborne illnesses like norovirus, the most common request we’ve heard from food safety managers is their desire for us to reduce the amount of plastic being thrown away with kits after an incident,” says Owen Griffin, Business Development Manager at OSHAKits.

Bridor Introduces Simply Baguette and Other New Products

Bridor, the leader in bringing high quality, European style croissants, pastries and breads to the U.S. foodservice and retail markets, announced the debut of its Simply Baguette and seven other bread products with a variety of taste profiles, shapes and sizes.