New Products

B-Tea Kombucha Unveils Distribution Plans

B-Tea Kombucha, a line of shelf stable, raw and organic bottled Kombucha beverages has introduced their unique brand of Kombucha products through an exclusive distribution agreement with Southern California leading beverage distributor Statewide Beverage Company.

Introducing New Self-Cleaning Rotisserie Oven from Alto-Shaam

Alto-Shaam will soon release its newest line of rotisserie ovens designed to make life easier for deli and other foodservice operators while decreasing cooking times. The new rotisserie ovens cook up to 21 3-1/2 pound chickens and will have several time-saving options, including: Automatic cleaningAutomatic grease collectionTouchscreen controls The automatic self-cleaning rotisserie features a patent-pending water jet design to handle the toughest grease collection while minimizing water use.

Dawn Food Launches New Bakers Truth Ingredients

Dawn Food Products Inc. launched Bakers Truth, a new line of clean label ingredients. Bakers Truth products are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners, and also contain no high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oil.

Seattle Restaurateur Launches Kitchen Mustards

Seattle Restaurateur Tom Douglas announced the creation of Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen Mustards under his Rub with Love label. Joining his popular line of spice rubs and specialty sauces, these three new mustards are an exciting addition to any kitchen’s condiment selection.

BOCA Veggie Ground Crumbles Satisfy Demand for Plant-Based Proteins

Consumers are shifting their protein preferences and seeking more plant-based fare. This is especially true among younger consumers who are increasingly concerned about health, social responsibility and sustainability, and are looking to satisfy their vegetarian or vegan habits.

Pereg Offering Gluten-Free Pasta with 100 Percent Quinoa Flour

Pereg Natural Foods, a family-owned company that specializes in ancient grains and spices, is proud to carry the only quinoa pasta on the market made of 100 percent quinoa flour. While some pastas labeled as quinoa are made mostly from corn, rice or soy; Pereg Natural Foods’ quinoa pasta is made purely of whole grain quinoa flour, pasteurized egg whites, and starch.

Nydree Flooring Introduces Wide-Plank, Acrylic-Infused Option

Nydree Flooring raises the bar for design-driven commercial flooring again with the first wide-plank, acrylic-infused option for the industry. Traditionally featured in residential spaces, 7.5” handcrafted planks are a style trend that makes spaces look larger and more modern.

Havwoods Gaining Traction in U.S.

Havwoods, a hardwood flooring company recently launched in the U.S., is quickly gaining traction with major brands like Hilton Worldwide and Calvin Klein.Now available for the first time in the U.S., the Venture Plank collection includes exciting hardwood plank options such as the Amendo board.

Exploring the Annual DOLE Flavor Pairings

Now in its seventh year, the annual DOLE Flavor Pairings is a prediction of exciting flavor combinations currently reflected in popular menu trends. For 2017, the Dole Foodservice team identified the ubiquity of bowls on foodservice menus, and devoted its culinary creativity to bringing operators the best and brightest contemporary ingredient and flavor combinations served in a bowl.

J&J Snack Foods Continues Innovation with Soft Pretzels

J&J Snack Foods announced the launch of three new & exciting flavors to the Pretzel Fillers stuffed & topped line of soft pretzels. These new innovative and on-trend items are Sea Salted Caramel, Chipotle Cheddar, and Beer Cheese which are now available in 3.

Introducing Nurturie: A Healthy Meal Delivery Service for Kids

You’ve had a busy day and you still have to plan and prepare dinner, make that two dinners, as your child refuses to eat anything that isn’t a buttered noodle or dinosaur-shaped protein. Add to that chopping everything into bite-sized pieces or pureeing meals for fresh baby food.

California Avocado Season Arrives

With America’s appetite for avocados escalating every year, the arrival of Fresh California Avocados in the market makes headlines in the industry news. Foodservice operators count on Fresh California Avocados for their quality, consistency, Golden State origin, rich flavor and silky texture to add seasonal appeal to traditional favorites and signature dishes.