New Products

Bavaria Brewery Acquires Latis Imports

Bavaria N.V. announced it has acquired Latis Imports, the U.S. based Belgian specialty beer importer. After its acquisition of Palm Belgian Craft Brewers (PBCB) in May 2016, Bavaria is moving ahead with its international expansion strategy by acquiring the U.

Bridg Launches CRM Solution Built for Restaurants

Bridg, the first software company to leverage big data to drive precision marketing campaigns for restaurant brands, today launched a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution, purpose-built for restaurant brands.

Kraft Heinz Offers New High Quality Tuna Brands

Kraft Heinz Foodservice is offering two new brands of high quality, traceable tuna products—Ocean Naturals and Choice Landing—to its foodservice customers through a collaboration with The Tuna Store.

Yiftee Technology Transforms Franchise Marketing

Today Yiftee, Inc. announced its new Franchisee Portal, enabling local, regional, and national franchise operators to work together to define, optimize and implement marketing programs that bring new customers in stores and old customers back.

Hooters looks to ArrowStream to Improve Supply Chain Logistics

ArrowStream, Inc., a supply chain innovator that combines expertise in data science and analytics to improve the way supply chains perform, announced that Hooters of America LLC, franchisor and operator of more than 420 Hooters restaurants in 42 states and 26 countries, has licensed ArrowStream's market-leading OnDemand software to support managing food spend, inventory and limited-time-offer (LTO) tracking with its suppliers and distributors.

Introducing the L7 Case with Square Contactless Chip Reader

Untethered payment terminals have allowed merchants of all sizes, whether a restaurant, retailer, food truck operator, or an artist working a craft fair, to bring the cash register to the customer and facilitate faster check-outs and a better service experience.

Knouse Foodservice Introduces Four Pure Cane Sugar Product Lines

According to Knouse Foods’ proprietary research of more than 300 foodservice professionals, 30 percent of operators aim to purchase foods that contain pure cane sugar.As part of its commitment to offering better-for-you options for culinary professionals’ menus, Knouse Foodservice is launching four new product lines, under the Musselman’s and Lucky Leaf brands, made with pure cane sugar.

CrewSafe Releases New Product: Viper PRO

CrewSafe, division of Spellbound Development Group, Inc., introduced its new product, the Viper PRO. This is a multi-purpose cutting tool used to safely open bags, boxes, cut stretch wrap, packing tape and other materials and items.

Boardroom Spirits Releases FRESH Vodka Line Flavored With Real Food

Boardroom Spirits, an award-winning innovative craft distillery, announces the launch of two new fruit-infused vodkas: FRESH Cranberry and FRESH Citrus. These 100 percent natural vodkas are made with real fruit, without using shortcuts or adding juices or concentrates.

QSR Automations Increases Bump Bar Versatility with Wireless Offering

QSR Automations, the leading provider of innovative automation technology for the hospitality industry, introduces its latest enhancements to bump bar technology with the KP-9000 Wireless Bump Bar. Available on December 5, the durable wireless device eliminates the need for routing cables, allowing for flexible placement in kitchens across the nation, while also capitalizing on current features from QSR's proven keypad innovations.