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New Products

OASIS Drinking Water Systems Neutralize Pathogenic Microbes

Humans average 3,000 bacteria on their hands. That’s just the average, and it doesn’t include illness-inducing viruses. Now consider that water fountains, coolers, and bottle fillers can be some of the germiest places in any building because they are frequently touched and infrequently cleaned.

Bennigan’s Celebrates the Holiday Season with Its New Festive Drink Menu

Bennigan’s—the iconic brand known for its chef-driven American fare and friendly Irish hospitality—is getting into the holiday spirit with four new hand-crafted cocktails.Beginning today, Bennigan’s will be the ultimate destination to spread joy and toast to good friends and great times.

Hatco Introduces Glo-Rite Curved Display Lights

Hatco Corporation introduces the Glo-Rite Curved Display Lights as the stylish equipment solution for enhancing your serving areas.The display lights feature a patented curved design and offer LED lighting for the highest light output ideal for illuminating food products.


The SPHERGO Flat Surface Cleaning System from HOSPECO just added some POP. The SPHERGO system—lighter-weight tools designed to clean using less motion and less time while also reducing awkward bending—minimizes ergonomic challenges for workers who perform manual surface cleaning, vertical cleaning, and floor care.

OASIS Bottle Fillers Tell You When It's Time to Change the Filter

Making the commitment to provide ready access to refreshing, pure water to your public is a good thing. Keeping it going can be hard, though. For one, if you don’t keep filters up-to-date, a lot of the purity you’re staking your reputation on can literally go down the drain.

Kellogg Introduces Morningstar Farms Signature Protein Blend

Kellogg introduced Morningstar Farms Signature Protein Blend, a versatile, recipe-ready platform that reimagines the veggie experience. This new product is hand-formable, seasoned and ready to cook, enabling operators to come up with creative menu ideas that guests will love.

Eastern Tabletop Introduces The Hub Buffet System

Eastern Tabletop announced a brilliant new product named The Hub Buffet, a versatile, multi-use buffet piece designed to meet the latest trends in the hospitality and food and beverage industry. What makes the Hub so unique is its ability to transform based on the needs of each event.

Introducing Covergent, an Innovative Line of LED Mounting Design

Premier Mounts announced the release of Covergent, an innovative line of LED mounting design featuring the latest advances in materials and technology. Designed, engineered and made in the USA, Convergent is a modular system that ships from stock in only 48 hours, an industry first.

Cooper-Atkins Announces 94100 KwikSwitch Folding Thermocouple

Cooper-Atkins announced the new 94100 KwikSwitch Folding Thermocouple instrument featuring a replaceable probe while maintaining a total system accuracy of ±1°F (±0.5°C).  The KwikSwitch is accurate and fast, important attributes for the breakfast, lunch and dinner rushes.

Como Speeds Up Customer Engagement Campaigns

With fierce competition surrounding brick-and-mortar businesses, Como has come to the rescue with a tool that makes it easy to launch goal-driven marketing campaigns that increase customer engagement and loyalty in under five minutes.