New Products

Bridor Releases New Bistro Line Pastry

Bridor, the premier industrial baker of European bread and Viennese pastry, has created a unique savory pastry with under 350 calories.The Margherita style Bistro is a convenient small meal or snack that marries fresh diced tomatoes, Mozzarella, and Bridor’s acclaimed flaky croissant dough to create a delicious treat that fits in your hand.

Hatco Releases Intelligent Toast-Qwik Toasters

The Hatco Intelligent Toast-Qwik Single Conveyor Toaster can toast multiple products at the touch of the button, changing easily from bagels to croissants to Texas toast to hash browns, as well as melting cheese and finishing smaller food products.

Magic Mug Rugs Reduce Paper Waste

Bust Out Products' new drink coasters Magic Mug Rugs are making an impact when it comes to driving down contaminated paper product waste and driving up profits for the beverage and hospitality industries.

Tomlinson Industries Introduces Flight Boards and Paddles

Sample and serve beer, wine, liquors, desserts, and more with Tomlinson’s new Flight Sample Boards and Paddles.Made of NSF approved Richlite, the Flight Boards and Paddles are durable, stain and water-resistant, and dishwasher safe.

Eloma's Genius MT Advances School Foodservice

With new regulations like the Food Waste Challenge and the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by the First Lady, foodservice directors in U.S. K-12 schools have more to consider when preparing meals for today’s students.

Modern Line Furniture Opens NJ Production Facility

Modern Line Furniture, one of the nation’s leading providers of indoor and outdoor modern, modular, contemporary and custom made furniture, proudly announced that it has opened the doors of its brand new production facility in New Jersey.

The Bar Book Guides the Craft Bartender

Perhaps one of the most vital ingredients in the craft cocktail revival has been the open sharing of information.A cocktail can’t be copyrighted (although the names of a few dictate specific ingredients), but the techniques used to create complex and innovative drinks can very much be kept secret and used to a competitive advantage.

Carpigiani Showcases Coffee and Gelato at NAFEM

Carpigiani will showcase its new coffee shop and frozen dessert business concept at the NAFEM Show, Feb. 19-21, at the Anaheim Convention Center.Carpigiani will offer frozen drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, and frozen desserts to highlight its versatile line of products applicable in coffee bars, restaurants, quick serve restaurants, and beyond.

Blendtec Upgrades Stealth Blender

Add frozen beverages to the menu without disrupting patrons with the newest version of the world’s quietest, most intelligent commercial blender, the Blendtec Stealth 875.Boasting an industry-leading 15-amp motor and 42 pre-programmed blend cycles, this award-winning blender can serve more than 200 customers per day.

Stouffer's Celebrates Italian Style Favorites

Add Italian-inspired favorites to the menu just in time for National Fettuccine Alfredo Day Feb. 7, 2015.Stouffer’s Alfredo Sauce, preferred by three out of four consumers, is sure to be the perfect addition to an operation’s menu.

Sting, Trudie Styler Wine Available Across U.S.

Internationally-known musician and philanthropists Sting and Trudie Styler announced that the inaugural vintage of their Tuscan red, Message in a Bottle 2011, which launched in the U.S. in September, is now available in all major markets and via Amazon.

Carpigiani To Display Gelato Bar Concept

Carpigiani, an innovator of frozen dessert equipment, will showcase its new gelato bar business concept at the NAFEM Show, Feb. 19-21, at the Anaheim Convention Center.Carpigiani will offer gelato bars, or frozen gelato on a stick, complete with coatings and toppings made in Carpigiani's 191k soft serve freezer and Fantastick Blast freezer.

Hatco Offers Multi Contact Grill

Hatco’s innovative multi-purpose grill (MCG) offers flexibility, ease of cleaning, and precision cooking performance.The self-adjusting top plate makes this grill perfect for paninis as well as a wide variety of products that can be cooked on any grill.

LIQS Cocktail Shot Available Online

LIQS Cocktail Shot, the world’s first premium ready-to-drink “Cocktail Shot” brand, now is available for online orders delivered to your doorstep throughout the Southeast region.These portable shots combine top-shelf spirits with the high quality flavors seen in traditional craft cocktails to bring a potent, low calorie alternative with no preservatives or artificial flavors in a durable plastic shot glass.