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New Products

Sir Kensington's Announces B Corp Certification

Sir Kensington's announced its B Corp certification. Becoming a B Corp signifies that the company has joined the movement of companies using business as a force for good. Certified B Corps meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Modern Steel Windows Offer Timeless Beauty

In the late 1800s, your grandparents might have gone to work in a factory with steel windows. Yet steel windows were pretty much unheard of in other types of buildings. Today, modern commercial and residential design trends are leading architects and building owners back to the beautiful and practical steel window for a wide range of creative designs and innovative uses.

Barilla Introduces Legume Pasta

As food trends continue to shift toward plant-based foods and the search for clean labels is driving supply chains across foodservice, every category is evolving—even dry pasta.Inspired by these shifting trends, Barilla announces today the launch of its latest innovation—a line of one-ingredient legume pastas.

Community Coffee Company Introduces Cold Brew Concentrate

Community Coffee Company, the largest family-owned and operated retail coffee brand in the United States, introduced Community Cold Brew Concentrate for its Coffee Service Division (CSD).Made with 100% hand-selected Arabica coffee beans, this smooth and refreshing concentrate offers a premium cold brew that can be enjoyed in both iced and nitrogen-infused formats.

Introducing Hatco's Drop-In Slim Ice Wells

Ice-cooled, insulated Hatco Drop-In Slim Ice Wells holds pre-chilled food products at safe serving temperatures—without the refrigeration or electrical components.The slim units offer easier access for salad bars, cold buffets or beverage bars, while environmentally-friendly insulation on the sides and bottom deliver even chilling and ensure better cold retention.

NSP is a Personalized Protein Partner

NSP unites three protein suppliers into the go-to custom supplier for foodservice chains and industrial companies (small to large). Formerly National Steak & Poultry, Boyle’s Famous Corned Beef, and Hausman Foods, NSP offers the combined range of products, techniques and specialty customization.

SupHerb Farms Launches New Fusions Flavors

When it comes to creating flavorful, unique menu items for your operation, what matters most? Do you seek flavor from ingredients that are fresh as the day they were harvested? Is it vital to create a consistent product, knowing what the quality and flavor will be for every execution of the dish? Do you seek year-round availability of exotic flavors? Perhaps you need all three facets, with the added bonus of cost savings on labor and lower waste.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Unveils Seasonal Fall Lineup

Gloria Jean’s Coffees, an innovator in the specialty coffee segment, providing fresh, premium blends and award-winning roasts for nearly 40 years, announced its fall lineup of seasonal products and flavored beans.