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New Products

Karat Offers Alternatives to Styrofoam

Polystyrene foam, more commonly known as Styrofoam, has been commercially used since the 1930's.In recent years, the dangers of this harmful plastic surfaced, causing people to boycott products made from this material entirely.

Base4 Launches Bamboo Magnetic Knife Block

The Bamboo Magnetic KnifeDock provides a contemporary and efficient way to store knives, eliminating the typical knife block slots that dull knife blades and provide a safe haven for bacteria.The Bamboo Magnetic KnifeDock is perfect for mixing and matching various sets of knives since there are no pre-sized slots.

Johnsonville Sausage Shines on Game Day

The Johnsonville Big Taste Grill hit the road for Arizona to deliver a mouth-watering tailgate experience, grilling up fan favorites like the Johnsonville Ultimate Brat topped with grilled onions and peppers.

California Avocados Invigorate Holiday Menus

It is time to put Fresh California Avocados on the 2015 menu and promotion calendar.Fresh California Avocados can be added to new dishes and old favorites from March through September, paying special attention to events like Cinco de Mayo and the American summer holidays.

XYLO Coloring from Eastern Tabletop Redefines Buffets

XYLO, the revolutionary coloring system from Eastern Tabletop, is changing the look of banquets and buffets.With a patented coating process, the new XYLO lineup of products was designed with the perfect blend of manufacturing prowess and banqueting know-how.

SpeedLine Intergrates with ConnectSmart Kitchen Software

Pizza and delivery restaurant point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions announced an integration with ConnectSmart Kitchen automation software from QSR Automations.“SpeedLine has supported kitchen display software and systems from QSR Automations for a number of years,” says SpeedLine marketing manager Jennifer Wiebe.

Blendtec Recognized As Business of the Year

Blendtec, a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade blending equipment, was selected as Business of the Year and Innovative Business of the Year runner-up behind Google Fiber.Voting took place over a month-long period and was promoted by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce.

NoshList Crosses Industries and Platforms As Waitlist Me

NoshList is expanding the use of its popular restaurant waitlist service to help businesses across all industries better manage their waitlists and reservations.To reflect the rapid growth in new business segments, NoshList has changed its name to Waitlist Me.

Ametek NCC Adds Cooking Timers

Ametek National Controls Corp., the food industry’s leading supplier of electronic cooking controls, added eight-channel and 16-channel cooking timers to its line of Next Generation commercial kitchen appliance controls.

Kraft Dressings Available In 32 Oz. Bottles

Kraft Foodservice introduced new Kraft Dressings 32-oz bottle format.The new line will offer the same premium shelf stable Kraft-Dressings customers know and love, but in a 32-oz pour bottle formatfor added convenience and less mess.

DW Haber Introduces Fusion Buffet System

DW Haber announced the introduction of the Fusion Buffet System, the most stylish and functional buffet system for events for groups of 10 or 1000.“The Fusion Buffet System solves so many challenges for banquet managers and caterers,” says David Haber, president of DW Haber.

Dole Announces Fruit Pairings

Since 2010, Dole has started the year announcing its annual Dole Fruit Pairings, a prediction of fruit-forward combinations reflecting popular menu trends.Dole is particularly excited by this year’s focus: Americana.

Rich's Gluten-Free Products Cater to Mindful Consumers

Over the past decade, a growing percentage of the population has taken a vested interest in the quality of food people are consuming.In fact, a recent Technomic report indicates that ‘DIY health’ is among the top ten trends foodservice professionals should anticipate transforming the industry in 2015.

Ice-O-Matic Displays Grande Cubers

Ice-O-Matic announced the launch of the ICE0856GA and the 50 Hz ICE0855GA series of ice machines, also known as ‘The Grande Cuber.’The new machines produce a Grande Cube that is more than twice the size of a standard, full-sized cube.

Farmer Brothers Coffee Suited For All Occasions

Every day, coffee comes first at Farmer Brothers.We offer a coffee for every palate and every occasion, from the first cup of the day to room service at 2 a.m.From top tier whole bean and ground coffees to convenient, liquid, instant, and iced coffees, Farmer Brothers always has what a guest is looking for.