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Lipton Tea Gets Mood Centered Packaging

Unilever Food Solutions is rolling out new, mood centered packaging for Lipton Specialty Tea in foodservice.This packaging aims to match particular hot teas with the number one driver of hot tea sales throughout the day: consumer mood.

Cross Contamination in Cleaning Cloths

Many cleaning professionals are unaware of studies that indicate how the tools we use to clean surfaces-specifically, cloths and mops-are sometimes the ones that cause cross-contamination.This point was illustrated rather dramatically in a study published in 2004.

ParTech Introduces PAR Tablet 10

ParTech, Inc., a subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation, announced today the new PAR Tablet 10 to the PAR mobile product family at FSTEC Booth 501. The new PAR Tablet 10 gives customers the opportunity to fully utilize the power of mobility in a variety of hospitality and retail environments.

Libbey Releases Hard Cider Glass in Time for Fall

Just in time for the fall season, Libbey Foodservice is introducing an innovative way to present one of the nation’s most trending beverages: hard cider. The new Hard Cider glass has a distinctive design that provides a definitive tasting experience by intensifying the aromas for maximum flavor.

SupHerb Farms Add Signature Flair to Flatbreads and Pizza

Recent findings released from Technomic indicate “27 percent of consumers would consider ordering a flatbread crust for their pizza (up from 23 percent in 2012), and 64 percent would like pizza establishments to offer premium ingredients/toppings.

Wixon Debuts Product Concepts for Breakfast

The Wixon Foodservice Group has introduced its latest on-trend product concepts for breakfast, driving back-of-the-house freshness for its customers’ business. The flavors and seasonings can also be customized for use across all day parts.

Luxe Bloom Launches Haute Couture Rose Collection

Luxe Bloom launched its new Haute Couture Rose Collection on Aug. 11. Luxe Bloom provides luxury hospitality operators—luxury hotels, fine-dining restaurants and high end spas--with natural, long-lasting floral arrangements on a monthly recurring basis.

Dannon Introduces Back-of-the-House Yogurt Solution

Dannon Foodservice is excited to announce the launch of a new bulk yogurt back-of-house solution to meet your culinary needs: Dannon Pro Nonfat Yogurt in vanilla and strawberry flavors and Dannon Oikos Pro Greek Nonfat Yogurt in plain and vanilla flavors.

New Vollrath Guide is Designed to Inspire

Fresh look features more photography, friendly layout, and quick tips to additional resourcesVollrath is pleased to announce the release of the 2014-2015 Equipment and Smallwares catalog. The catalog features more than 20 new or expanded products and has a fresh new look with more photography, easy to scan product guides, and tips to searchable resources on the company’s recently launched industry-best website.

MyCheck Integrates POSitouch for Restaurants

MyCheck, the leading checkout technology for restaurants and other businesses across four major markets worldwide, announced a complete integration into POSitouch point-of-sale software for quick-service and full-service restaurants.

MAXStick Products Announces Certification of Labels

MAXStick Products Ltd., an industry leading supplier of liner-free, removable adhesive, label products, is proud to announce the certification of MAXStick Liner-Free Labels on the BIXOLON SPP-R200II Mobile Printer.

Hatco Lets Restaurants Make Buffet Stations Flexible

Hatco’s Portable Modular Heated Black Glass Shelf offers greater buffet line flexibility than ever before. This unique heated shelf keeps food hot and uses a thermostatically-controlled heated base with electronic temperature control settings.

Yuzu Purée Now Available for Chefs and Mixologists

Les Vergers Boiron, a worldwide leader in frozen fruit and fruit purees for gastronomy professionals, has launched three new citrus preparations for the American Market. Some come in a puree (Yuzu) and some come in a semi-candied mix (Lemon and Orange).