New Products

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Fast Fixes

Crisp ‘n’ CreamySurprise customers with familiar flavors in a new format: These crispy wonton chips are filled with creamy dips. Anchor Chip ‘n’ Dippers are available in Spinach and Artichoke or Loaded Nacho.

Chef-Mate Removes Artificial Colors in 2 Cheese Sauces

Ninety-one percent of U.S. consumers believe food and beverage options with recognizable ingredients are healthier. In an effort to provide products mindful consumers want, Chef-mate announces the removal of artificial colors in the Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sauce and ¡Que Bueno! Jalapeño Cheese Sauce.

Abeles & Heymann Extends Shelf Life of Deli Meats

Abeles & Heymann (, a purveyor of premium kosher deli, has incorporated a new technology into its packaging of sliced deli meats that helps to keep products fresher for a longer amount of time.

OrderTalk, Inc. Integrates Third Party Food Delivery Option

With the meteoric rise of off-premise dining via online and mobile ordering, restaurant companies are paying more attention to delivery services, according to orderTalk, Inc., the original provider of digital ordering solutions for the restaurant industry worldwide.

TouchBistro Secures Patent for Bill Splitting

TouchBistro has been granted a patent for a feature that enables restaurants to easily and quickly split bills between customers. The United States patent number 9514427—entitled "Graphical Interface and Input Method for Allocating an Invoice Amongst a Plurality of Accounts”—was issued on December 6.

RedDot Brands Enhances Distributor Network

RedDot Brands, a U.S.-based manufacturer of custom, proprietary dispenser systems, announced that it has signed a marketing, sales, and distribution agreement with Independent Medical Co-Op, Inc. (IMCO), one of the United States’ premier associations for independent medical distributors.

WAC Lighting Unveils Architecturally Scaled Lighting

WAC Lighting has unveiled an architecturally scaled family of luminaires engineered with precision that has resulted in sophisticated lighting designs. The new 4.5-inch Volta LED downlight series represents an innovation in design and technology.

Bush’s Best Introduces Chili Starter for Foodservice

Bush’s Best is proud to bring a new chili solution to all foodservice segments. Bush’s Best Chili Starter features rich pinto beans simmered in our original chili sauce—made with a special blend of chilies, spices, garlic and onion—with only tomatoes and meat needing to be added to create any number of chili dishes consumers will love.

JBT’s Unifiller Aims to Revolutionize Flling Speeds

JBT Corporation announced the market debut of the new High Capacity Filler-Closer Unifiller, a system featuringtechnology capable of introducing liquids or foods to metal cans and glass or plastic bottles at up to 1500 Containers Per Minute (CPM).

Modern Forms Unveils Escher LED Wall Sconce

Enigmatic spatial representation of a continuum, the uniquely configured Escher LED wall sconce is the latest addition from Modern Forms, a WAC Lighting company.Different vantage points offer differing dramatic views of the intertwined metal bands, with varying ambient light levels.

Rubbermaid’s Color-Coded System Earns Seal of Approval

The American Culinary Federation, Inc. awarded Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ (RCP) ColorCoded Foodservice System its Seal of Approval. The line of products was submitted for extensive testing and was approved by the ACF Seal of Approval Task Force.

2nd Ave Lighting Introduces Aquagen Custom Chandelier

Advanced technology meets a stunning modern aesthetic with the new Aquagen 3-tier custom chandelier, introduced by 2nd Ave Lighting. Aquagen makes a dramatic design statement in hotels, restaurants, resorts and other hospitality locations.

Upserve Launches First EMV Solution Designed for Restaurants

Upserve, the restaurant management platform, today announced the availability of its Breadcrumb EMV solution. The only EMV kit designed specifically for restaurants, Upserve provides restaurateurs peace of mind when collecting chip-enabled cards, limiting liability for fraudulent chargebacks while ensuring no disruption to customers’ current check delivery processes and waitstaff training.

Dannon Foodservice to Highlight New Yogurt Products

According to the Natural Marketing Institute, 71 percent of consumers want all natural ingredients in their yogurt. To help operators meet patrons’ demand for transparency and cleaner labels in the food they eat, Dannon Foodservice is introducing three transformed product lines: Light & Fit Nonfat Yogurt, Oikos Greek Nonfat Yogurt and Dannon Yogurt Made with Whole Milk.