New Products

Tomlinson Industries Introduces Polished Nickel Finish

Tomlinson Industries’ Contemporary, Designer, Quadra, Ultra Contemporary, and Vintage RO faucets are now available in a polished nickel finish. Tomlinson’s polished nickel finish blends the elegant warm-tone of nickel with the luster of a polished finish for an eye-catching result.

Panasonic Introduces Groundbreaking Induction Cooktop

Panasonic Commercial Food Service Group introduced a groundbreaking induction cooktop, the Met-ALL KY-MK3500, featuring state-of-the-art technology for commercial chefs. Specifically designed for use in the commercial food service industry, this portable induction cooktop is the culmination of Panasonic’s 40-year history with induction technology and represents the latest advances in high-efficiency cooking equipment.

Verday Chlorophyll Water Launches Blueberry Flavor

Verday Chlorophyll Water launched its fifth new flavor, Blueberry, expanding the line of deliciously refreshing healthy green waters. Also announcing today, the full line will now be available through Statewide Beverage Company, direct store delivery, in Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

Logoed Cup Dispenser from Tomlinson Industries

Tomlinson Industries’ grab-n-go cup dispenser can be paired with a custom logo to instantly create an eye-catching point-of-purchase display.  Branded cup dispensers serve as a reminder to customers to buy fountain drinks, coffee, iced tea, and other beverages before leaving the store to boost impulse purchases.

Introducing Bonne Maman Lemon Curd

Bonne Maman, a leading premium preserve brand in the U.S., introduced the latest addition to the Bonne Maman family: Lemon Curd. Bonne Maman brings, “Simple ingredients, Homemade taste” to the Lemon Curd segment, offering a new high quality product option in the category.

Introducing DOLE Chef-Ready Frozen Fruit Purées

Ready to combine with other on-trend ingredients, new DOLE Chef-Ready Frozen Fruit Purées deliver the flavor, color and appeal of just-picked fruit to enhance dishes and drinks in every daypart and menu segment.

Frontline International’s M3 Data Management System Now Directs Auto Top Off

Frontline International is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of cooking oil management services, and the M3 System—winner of the National Restaurant Association’s 2013 prestigious Kitchen Innovations Award—is their state-of-the-art solution that offers 24/7 online tracking of your waste oil.

Homer Laughlin Expands Popular Brownfield Collection

The Homer Laughlin China Company expanded their popular Brownfield line, introduced last year, from 13 to 23 pieces. The Brownfield collection has an inviting, curvy coupe shape and a variably applied, peppery-speckled glaze that evokes the renaissance of the urban maker, and is available in pewter or cobblestone color.

Frontline International's Safer Grill Grease Collection

Frontline International, a leader in cooking oil management solutions, knows safer grease-handling practices are integral to lowering risk and protecting employees from injury. The hot grill area is one of the most challenging when it comes to the safe collection and disposal of fats and oils, because grill grease tends to coagulate quickly when cooled.

RATIONAL Expands Range of Services

With ConnectedCooking, RATIONAL has expanded its already extensive range of services to include a cloud-based networking solution specifically developed for the needs of professional kitchens. For the market leader in combi technology, the system represents another step along the path towards even greater customer benefit through the progressive digitalization of kitchen processes.

Increase Value With Frontline International's Filtration System

Restaurants operate on thin profit margins. But compromising on quality or taste is never an option. Frontline International’s approach to Smart Oil Management includes custom oil filtration systems that allow owners and operators to get as much as 20 to 50 percent longer fry life than with unfiltered oil.

Ensure Safe Handling of Fryer Waste Oil With Frontline International’s Direct-Plumbed System

Taking steps to increase safety in your restaurant kitchen isn’t just good business, it’s the right thing to do for your employees’ well-being. It’s also the law. OSHA mandates that employers must furnish to each of his/her employees a place of employment, which is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his/her employees.

Alto-Shaam Introduces Vector Series Multi-Cook Oven

Alto-Shaam announced an oven innovation in a category by itself—the Vector Series Multi-Cook Oven offers up to four ovens in one. Control temperature, fan speed and time in each individual oven chamber, featuring exclusive Structured Air Technology for unmatched evenness in cooking.