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Alaska Crab Mac and Cheese

This Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute SWAP Meat recipe is the perfect comfort food featuring wild, Alaska crabmeat.

Brown Butter Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Nothing says it’s the holiday season like tasty cookies. On behalf of Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, the award-winning 1,300 acre resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, here is the Brown Butter Chocolate Pecan Cookies recipe from their pastry team.

Chef Thomas Kim's Seared Pork Belly Breakfast Bowl

This recipe, from Chef Thomas Kim at the Rabbit Hole, uses a heritage breed of Smithfield DURoC Pork Belly as the main component of a breakfast kimchi bowl. It combines authentic ethnic flavors, heritage breed meats, and is an easy breakfast option all in one.

Coca-Cola's Sparkling Cappuccino

While coffee is still most often consumed for breakfast, it is becoming popular during other times, including the afternoon when people are looking to refuel or indulge. Check out this specialty Sparkling Cappuccino from Coca-Cola, a unique take on a classic sure to please guests of all ages.

Lamb Pot Pie

Hearty comfort food with a twist. This pot pie uses a luscious root vegetable base matched with braised chunks of American Lamb shoulder and topped with a shredded filo dough lid for an eye-catching presentation.

Fall Vegetable Panzanella Salad

Chef Heather Terhune, executive chef of Mediterranean-inspired restaurant Tre Rivali and rooftop bar The Outsider located at The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward neighborhood, anticipates the upcoming season with this hearty seasonal fall recipe.

Punch Bowl Social's Connoisseurs Cup Punch

2 cups Breckenridge Gin1/2 cup Dolin Blanc Vermouth—needs to be Dolin Blanc, do not substitute another dry vermouth.If Dolin Blanc is unavailable, source Lillet Blanc, which is a little easier to acquire.

Alaska Crab Surimi Poké Bowl

Chef Kathy Casey worked with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute to develop this Alaska Crab Surimi Poké bowl recipe. It features a delicious dressing and a variety of flavor options and toppings that can be mixed and matched.

Cucumber, Celery, Blueberry & Pistachio Salad

Portland Innovator Chef Joshua McFadden of Ava Gene’s Restaurant says, "This cucumber, celery, blueberry, and pistachio salad hits every flavor note—sweet, sour, salty, bitter…and it’s all kinds of crunchy.