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Middle Eastern-Spiced Lamb Ribs

Lush American Lamb ribs are rubbed with Middle Eastern spices and slow roasted. The lamb riblets are grilled to order and served with a spicy peach mustard dipping sauce. Recipe courtesy of the American Lamb Board.

Turkey Burger Benedict

With a poached egg and jalapeño hollandaise sauce, this freshly grilled turkey burger makes a mouthwatering addition to breakfast and brunch menus. Pair with crispy hash browns and a spicy Bloody Maria to create a signature special.

Black Soybean Salsa

Many consumers are interested in better-for-you foods that serve as satisfying snacks without the diet guilt. Soyfoods offer plant-based protein and fiber in a cholesterol-free form that is low in saturated fats and boasts a heart-healthy nutrition profile.

Bountiful Smoothie

This blend of fruit, Nutella, and yogurt can serve as a fantastic breakfast offering, but it cal also be enjoyed throughout the day.

Jade Hummus with Pita Crisps

Delight your customers with this twist on a Middle Eastern classic: pita and hummus. This version is full of flavor and uses soy bean oil to give it a truly unique flavor.

Venezuelan Breakfast Arepa

The highlight of this delicious Venezuelan breakfast sandwich is the freshly prepared arepa. Scrambled egg, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, queso fresco, salsa, and house-made avocado-cilantro sauce create a balanced blend of flavor for a complete morning meal.

Pan-Seared Alaska Halibut with Red Curry and Basmati Rice

Alaska halibut and sablefish (black cod) harvest seasons kicked off March 11, increasing access to some of the best freshly caught and frozen wild seafood in the world.“Nearly 60 percent of all the wild seafood harvested in the U.

Roasted Dates

This Roasted Dates dish is a favorite of actor Darren Criss, the restaurant says.

After Dinner Drink

St. Patrick’s Day is just a week away, and this single day makes mouths water for unique, boozy beverages. This booze-infused coffee recipe from Red Diamond uses bourbon, but Irish whiskey can be substituted for an Irish coffee.

Garden Zen Cocktail

A calming blend of refreshing flavors, this cocktail by Kathy Casey at The Liquid Kitchen will add some zen to your menu.

Chef Rich Landau's Yukon Aji Amarillo Mash

This dish created by Chef Rich Landau of Vedge on behalf of Potatoes USA pairs the spice of aji Amarillo with a cool potato paste. It pairs well with spicy seitan, seafood, or meat and can be used in a variety of menu applications.

"Strange Relationship"

Bacon fat may seem like a strange ingredient in a cocktail, but paired with the apple, this cocktail from the St. Paul Grill makes for a satisfying beverage option.

Oscars Cocktail Inspired by The Arrival

Inspired by “The Arrival,” when 12 mysterious spacecrafts appear around the world and linguistics professor Louise Banks is tasked with interpreting the language of the alien visitors, the Love, The Language cocktail, crafted by Tre Rivali and The Outsider’s Lead Bartender Gen Longoria, uses three spirits, from the regions known to speak the language of love: France, Spain, and Italy.