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Restaurant Design

Old Chicago Invests $10 Million in Brand Refresh

Old Chicago Pasta & Pizza has refreshed its brand to deliver a more modern and robust dining experience. Rebranded as Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, the neighborhood restaurant and craft beer tavern has added progressive touches, an enhanced service model, and an updated menu with wider and deeper offerings.

Form Follows Fun

A mash-up in restaurant furniture design is underway, fueled in large part by the Millennial generation’s penchant for sociality. Flexibility is the new watchword in restaurant seating and furnishings have become decidely eclectic and fun.

Zaytinya Debuts New Patio and Seasonal Cocktails

José Andrés and his team at the award-winning restaurant Zaytinya are excited to debut the newly renovated outdoor patio. The expansive 70-seat terrace features modern design elements giving the space a dramatic and urban ambiance.

Only Roses Rebrands as Luxe Bloom

The company that was formerly Only Roses has rebranded as Luxe Bloom and will continue to provide luxury hospitality operators in U.S. hotels, fine-dining restaurants, and high-end spas with natural, long-lasting rose arrangements made from the world’s highest quality Ecuadorian roses that last up to 60 days.

Tomlinson Industries Introduces New Line of Mini Cast Iron Servers

A new line of mini cast iron servers from Tomlinson Industries serve up comfort and creativity with Tomlinson’s new pre-seasoned mini cast iron pieces including the following:Divided rectangle mini servers in two sizes – ideal for serving side dishes, Mexican condiments, sauces, herbed butters, tapenades, tapas combinations, dessert teasers, appetizer trios, and more.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Credit the green movement, the obsession with healthy lifestyles, the desire to optimize social engagement—or all of the above; whatever the reason, restaurants are increasingly designing natural elements into their interior dining spaces.

api(+) Designs The Wine Loft’s Newest Location

api(+), a leader in retail architecture and design located in Tampa, Fla., has announced the completion of its design, development and implementation project for The Wine Loft. api(+) adapted The Wine Loft design to satisfy its newest location, an existing two level space in the Mercato development of North Naples.

Illuminate Your Dining Experience

“In architectural lighting design, the luminous environment evolves out of the character and the intent of the space … and the needs, desires and expectations of the people for whom the space is created” —Carol Chaffee AssociatesLighting is an important tool for the restaurant architect and designer.

Weather, Regulators Meet Their Match With Outdoor Cafes

Whoever said you can’t beat City Hall or Mother Nature might want to talk to some savvy restaurateurs with outdoor dining spaces who have learned to do just that.Cold-weather days, blazing-hot-sunny ones and the licensing fees that local governments impose are frustrating discomforts that operators endure for the sake of a traditional sidewalk café or city park location.