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Lessons from Chicago's First Family of Italian

The newest restaurant in the Italian Village Restaurants group, Vivere, is over 30 years old. The oldest, The Village, is more than 90, opened in 1927 by Alfredo Capitanini and claims to be Chicago's oldest Italian restaurant.

The Classic Italian Chain Coming to a College Near You

College students are not a new market segment for Amici Italian Café. In fact, two decades ago, the concept was founded by a group of new college grads.As undergraduate in the early ’90s, Chris Torino, like many other college students, worked in the restaurant industry.

The Sexy Side of Pasta is Alive and Well at Sophia's

Sophia’sOpened: August 2016Location: Austin, TexasOwners: BDG HospitalityAverage check: $60Description: The supper club makes a comeback at Sophia’s in Austin, where diners are encouraged to linger—or just pop in for a drink.

Chef Amy Brandwein Brings Classic Italian Fare to DC

As costs and profit margins continue to tighten in the restaurant industry, chefs and restaurateurs have had to become more innovative, not just in their menu items and cooking or presentation techniques, but also in the way they run their businesses.

Farm to Italian Table

The Italian cultural heritage of local food sourcing—olives from your neighbor’s vines, cheese from cows or goats in your uncle’s pastures—is common among the country’s most decorated chefs and their dishes.

How to Pair Wines with Italian Food

Americans might have grown up on red-sauce joints, but the broad flavors of Chicken Parmesan and spaghetti with meat sauce don’t convey all of the flavor nuances that Italy has offer—on the plate or in the glass.

The Real Deal

It’s become a popular trend for U.S. chefs to source ingredients from specific regions and farms, and many chefs and owners even meet the farmers who raise produce and animals before buying goods from them.

Inspiration Italy

Perhaps no cooking style speaks to tradition as much as Italian cuisine. And perhaps no culture on earth holds food as closely as the people of Italy. From pesto ground from basil leaves in the north to the sweet cannelloni found down south in Sicily, Italian foods are much adored for their regional flair and their down-home characteristics.

Chef Chris Jaeckle Continues to Push the Envelope on Italian Food

Chef Chris Jaeckle has established himself among the best in New York’s deep pool of culinary talent. Having accumulated an impressive resume at some of the city’s finest restaurants, Jaeckle has spent the latter half of his career pushing the envelope on Italian food, first as chef de cuisine at Ai Fiori, which received a three-star review from the New York Times, and today as executive chef and partner at All’onda, which borrows from Japanese culture to plate an eclectic mix of dishes such as Clams Casino with panko breadcrumbs, pancetta, and parsley and Hamachi with olive oil, pepperoncini, and soy.

A Taste of Italy

Italy is composed of 20 regions, each holding its own venerable culinary traditions shaped by geography, climate, and history. Milan-born Micol Negrin, who runs Rustico Cooking in New York City and is the author of the James Beard–nominated book Rustico: Regional Italian Country Cooking, provides a snapshot of each region’s culinary character.