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Danny Meyer Eliminates Tipping at his Restaurants

In an open letter, Danny Meyer, the man behind the Union Square Hospitality Group, announced that his 13 restaurants will no longer allow tipping. The first unit will be the Modern, a two-Michelin-star restaurant located in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

On-Call Controversy

The restaurant industry is reliably unpredictable. What was supposed to be a bustling Friday night can quickly turn into a shockingly quiet, slow stretch. Likewise, there’s no telling when tables could surprisingly fill up during a thin-staffed weekday shift.

Splashes Worth the Splurge

It was nearly a decade ago, coinciding with the ascent of the quality cocktail, when I was invited to get a drink with a dashing British gent by the name of Tim Warrillow. He was in New York because, along with business partner Charles Rolls, he had developed an Indian tonic water that was a far cry from the liquid found in all those bottles of Schweppes crowding supermarket shelves.

Hotel Restaurants are Popular Choices for Holiday Parties

The decorations—or lack thereof—don’t tell the entire story. Behind the scenes, many companies and organizations are already planning for the holidays, and have been, in some cases, since the last glass of champagne was toasted in 2014.

Waitlist Me App Helps Manage Summer Crowds

As people flock to tourist destinations throughout the Northeast for their summer vacations, restaurants are using Waitlist Me to handle the surge in demand. According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey are expected to hire a combined total of 100,000 new employees this summer to address the rush of seasonal customers, and restaurants are turning to technology to help manage it.

Online Ordering Delivers Efficiencies

Like most restaurant operators and chefs, Bill Van Gilder, owner of Jubilee Restaurant in Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania, is always on the hunt for ways to maximize efficiency. For Van Gilder, taking to the Web for sauces, supplies, and equipment has been a substantial time- and cost-saver.

Dressed to Impress

Asharp look or dress code offers an essential first impression that can make customers feel at ease with the dining establishment. When considering whether to have a uniform policy, restaurateurs should think about how it might enhance the guest experience, how it will differ from the restaurant’s current attire policy, and the style and fabric most suitable for employees’ daily habits.

Winners Of 33rd RAMMY Awards Announced

Top foodservice industry professionals and their fans gathered on June 7 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center for the 33rd Annual RAMMY Awards as Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) announced and celebrated winners in 21 award categories.

Stacked Offers Custom Creations, Customer Choice

With engaging technology, complete customizability, and full service, the deck seems to be stacked in Stacked’s favor. The California-based restaurant is focused on providing popular American comfort foods with an unprecedented level of customization—something full-service restaurants often struggle to provide without a cumbersome ordering process.

Clutch Refreshes Loyalty and Membership Program

Clutch, a pioneering consumer management platform delivering consumer intelligence and engagement solutions, announced today the development of the refreshed Latitude 360 ‘360x Club’ Membership and Loyalty Programs.

Johnny Rockets Appoints New VP of Operations and Training

Johnny Rockets, the global restaurant chain, announced the appointment of Jim Kensinger in the newly created role of vice president of operations services and training. Kensinger is responsible for improving the quality, consistency, and profitability of the brand's franchise and corporate restaurants worldwide through communication, training, and engagement.