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The 10 Most Loyalty-Inspiring Chains in America

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By Trevor Lenzmeier April 11, 2018 Chain Restaurants
According to Foursquare, these are the top casual chains, based on loyalty, in the country.
Guests cheer on a sports game at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Loyalty is royalty

In the restaurant industry, there isn’t much room at the top, and sticking around in this business means building a following of dedicated fans. A good name, menu or location isn’t always enough—in order to succeed, brands need loyalty from customers. In the difficult casual-dining sector—where chains are surrounded by disruptive actors like Blue Apron meal prep, UberEATS food delivery, and the fast casual industry—that fact is now truer than ever.

Last year, Foursquare released its first Quick Service Restaurant Loyalty Index, a measure of consumer patterns based on a group of monitored consumers across the U.S. This month, the same concept was applied to casual dining to produce the Casual Dining Loyalty Index using the same methodology.

Foursquare measured loyalty based on four tenets.

Frequency measures the average annual visits per customer to each brand. Penetration is the percentage of category visitors who visited that brand within a year. Share of wallet indicates the median share of each customer’s total casual dining visits to a particular chain over a year. Finally, the “Fanaticism Threshold” shows the number of visits within a year required for a user to be within the top single percent of users who visit a particular chain.

Based on a combination of those factors, check out the casual dining chains in the U.S. with the most loyal customers.

Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Guests cheer on a sports game at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Inside a busy night at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  •  Applebee's Quesadilla Burger is part burger, part quesadilla. This original burger creation comes piled high with Jack cheese, signature Mexi-ranch sauce, crispy bacon, fresh pico and shredded lettuce in a crisp, warm Cheddar quesadilla.
  • Red, white, and blue packages at IHOP.
  • The Hooters sign stands tall, showcasing the famous logo of the restaurant chain.
  • A Texas Roadhouse shines brightly at night. The famous steakhouse is always popular with loyal customers.