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10 Must-Try Tastes in Kentucky

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By Laura Zolman Kirk January 30, 2018 Blog
Traveling to Kentucky? Associate Editor Laura Zolman Kirk shares her must-try tastes.
A bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup at Crank & Boom in Kentucky.
Best Bites of the Bluegrass

Once when traveling as a teenager through New England, my family and I struck up conversation with a couple German tourists. They asked us where we were from; we said Kentucky. Then they asked, “Why should we come to Kentucky? What’s to see there?”

My answer was likely something vague about horses. As young as I was, I don’t know if my mind even went to bourbon then.

Since this conversation, I’ve lived in London and now North Carolina. I’ve traveled across the U.S. and to Turkey, France, Belgium, and Egypt. In the process, longing has made my heart grow fonder; I’ve fallen ever more deeply in love with my home state.

The German tourists’ question and my answer still haunts me today … for all I left unsaid. Sure, there are horses, but there is also driving through the backroads of horse country along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, there is hiking and mountain climbing galore at Red River Gorge, boundless history, so many good-hearted people, and, actually, a lot of good food, too.

Here, I’ve collected a few of my favorite bites across the bluegrass. This list may be based on bias and nostalgia, but I think you will enjoy these spots, nevertheless.

Pictured is Crank & Boom.

Sarah Jane Sanders
  • A bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup at Crank & Boom in Kentucky.
  • Blueberry pancakes and orange juice at Bluebird in Kentucky.
  • Pie at The Midway Bakery in Kentucky.
  • Kentucky hot brown—country ham with roasted turkey, bechamel sauce, bacon, cheese, and tomatoes, all on toast.
  • A dish of squab breast at Korean Kentuckian.
  • Pie at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Kentucky.
  • Ruth Hunt Candies' caramels: A Kentucky staple.
  • Cake at Caramanda's Bake Shoppe in Kentucky.
  • Ale-8-One being held in front of Berryman’s Tastytreat, a family-owned, quick-service joint near downtown Kentucky.
  • A bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup at Crank & Boom in Kentucky.