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12 High-Performing Restaurant Chains to Watch

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By Danny Klein March 16, 2018 Chain Restaurants
These thriving restaurant brands are ready for the spotlight.
Green light for growth

A few months back, we took a look at some emerging chains and ranked them by average unit volume. AUV is a great metric for growing brands to understand how new units are performing given that it comes from traffic and ticket. The idea being that if AUV growth outpaces same-store sales gains, you can, typically, deduce that new stores are more profitable than existing ones. This time, we picked 12 brands and sorted them by total company sales (AUV is included as well).

Sales are often defined as income accrued from the selling of goods and/or services over a given period, as this article explains. A company’s total sales during said period, typically a quarter for a restaurant brand, equal units sold, or sales volume, multiplied by unit price. Revenue, for comparison, is defined as the total income of a business or the total amount of money made from an investment, broken down into gross revenue and net revenue. Some experts say sales are the leading indicator for most companies since those organizations whose sole revenue comes from sales tend to have especially sales-focused corporate cultures.

However you look at it, there are many ways to judge the health and potential of a restaurant company. Here are 12 brands getting it done. Pictured is Firebirds Wood Fired Grill.

FOOTNOTE: Sources for the data include company reports, SEC filings, and industry research. Estimates (*) are associated with privately held companies that don’t release sales figures.

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