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19 of America's Most Iconic Steakhouse Chains

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By Danny Klein May 02, 2018 Chain Restaurants
Steakhouses are a classic part of American dining culture. Here are 19 of the most legendary.
Smith & Wollensky

There are nine units of the 40-year old brand, with new stores on the way for Wellesley, Massachusetts, and Las Vegas. This is a steakhouse chain that does things a bit differently, and it all starts with sourcing. Smith & Wollensky partnered with Double R Ranch to provide USDA prime steaks and signature filets to all locations. Consistency is the theory behind this exclusive, single-sourcing partnership. Matt King, the brand’s executive chef, said big producers buy beef from multiple feedlots, then process and pack it, which leads to often-inconsistent cuts and unpredictably. Also, this partnership allows Smith & Wollensky to not only improve its sustainability but to provide guests with a story worth telling. “It used to be good enough to say that you served prime beef,” King said. “Not anymore. Now people want to know where their food is coming from. And, unless you enter a program like this, you can’t say with clarity and give a forthright answer about where the beef comes from.” The program has been in place since March and relies on free-range, humane, and socially responsible processes. Double R also owns the feedlots processing facilities, which ensures compassionate and accountable butchery. The results are steaks and filets with the finest, hand-selected levels of marbling on the USDA grading scale.

Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group
  • A Texas Roadhouse shines brightly at night. The famous steakhouse is always popular with loyal customers.
  • Inside a Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse, where the setting is posk and the food is top notch.
  • The Palm Steakhouse's renowned steaks are served fresh and hand-cut to every guest's request.