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5 Out-of-the-Box Sides to Spice Up the Holidays

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By Amelia Levin November 14, 2017 Slideshow
Just in time for the holidays, chefs have tweaked their techniques for classic side dishes.
Greentomat | Baraonda Ristorante | Atlanta

Costanzo Astarita, Chef

Traditional: Caprese Salad 
New Twist: Fried Green Tomatoes with Burrata

When tomatoes fall out of season in the colder months, Chef Astarita turns to the green version of tomatoes and a sundried tomato pesto to make up for the loss of ripe, red heirlooms. For this dish, he dredges green tomato slices in buttermilk and a seasoned flour/cornmeal mixture before pan-frying them. He tops them with a variety of domestic burrata cheeses, the pesto, and a drizzling of olive oil and aged balsamic vinaigrette with fresh basil and sliced olives. “The fried green tomatoes add a surprising kick to a traditional caprese salad,” he says.

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