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6 Craft Beers Worthy of Cult Followings

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By Katie Gustafson May 21, 2018 Beer
What's in store for beer in 2018?
Suds to Stand Out

Craft beer is becoming de rigueur these days. Diners expect to see sumptuous brown ales and tart local IPAs on the menu. It’s more and more difficult for a restaurant’s beer selection to stand out.

Luckily, there are unusual brews from around the country that will pique diners’ curiosity or stir their geeky hearts with pop-culture references. From Star Trek-themed ales to ice cream-flavored stouts, these “gimmicky” offerings can smarten up a menu or enliven events like opening-night specials and trivia nights.

We pulled together a tasting panel of beer—and sci-fi/fantasy—geeks to find out which are worth putting on menus. All the beers at our table either pandered to a fandom or sought to mimic nostalgic flavors. Some of them were brewed in partnership with other companies. We judged on appearance, smell, taste, aftertaste, and drinkability.

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  • What's in store for beer in 2018?