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8 Ways to Salad This Summer

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By Amelia Levin June 13, 2018 Flavor
Check out how chefs are mixing up this summer menu favorite.

At his seafood-focused Italian restaurant, Waypoint, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Chef Michael Scelfo makes a hearty, blue crab and wild fennel salad with farro, apples, and nettles. Scelfo sources the wild nettles and fennel from foragers on the West Coast. He grills the nettles over live fire for a smoky flavor before folding them into the salad that also includes cooked Maryland blue swimmer crab meat, thin shavings of the fennel, local Cortland apples that are diced and pickled in rice wine vinegar, and farro that’s been cooked, dehydrated, lightly fried and seasoned with lime zest, Szechuan peppercorn, fried garlic, and chives. Fennel fronds, pickled tarragon, candied hazelnut, and a touch of chives serve as garnish.