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Recapping The Biggest Restaurant Headlines of the Week

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By Danny Klein February 16, 2018 Blog
Another stunning CEO move highlighted this week's top stories in the restaurant industry.
Taco Bell's breakfast soft taco with bacon.
Taco Bell to the rescue?

Let’s turn the clock back, say, five years. Did you ever imagine Chipotle calling on Taco Bell to save its brand? It was just 2011 (OK that’s seven years) when a customer was trying to sue Taco Bell for its taco fixture being more filler than beef. And what was Chipotle’s image then? The fast casual king of quality with lines out the door. I remember waiting two hours for a burrito in college once. But back to the present: What is Taco Bell in 2018? Most of the conversation about the brand centers on personality. Its Forever 21 clothing line. People getting married in the restaurant. Commercials called “Web of Fries” starring Josh Duhamel that present like movie trailers. Taco Bell, believe it or not, is a lifestyle brand. Millennials want to be associated with it. Gen Z loves it. There’s simply no denying Brian Niccol did an amazing job turning Taco Bell into the image-driven powerhouse it is today (comps up 4 percent prove this works for sales, too). Can he do the same for Chipotle? Probably not the same, of course, but something equally impressive in regards to image? This is going to be an interesting few months.

Here were the week’s top stories.

Taco Bell
  • Taco Bell's breakfast soft taco with bacon.
  • El Fenix has been a Dallas restaurant icon since 1918.
  • The front of Dat Dog fast casual.
  • Tableside dinner at L’Etoile in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Chipotle's iconic store front is shown.
  • Happy friends drinking coffees and cappuccinos at bar cafe
  • McDonald's Happy Meal/