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These are America's Best Foodie Towns for 2017

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September 07, 2017 Flavor
These cities are stacked with culinary gems and standout chefs.
The Best American Foodie Towns

Leaving behind the nation’s culinary capitals, like food-crazed cities San Francisco and Chicago, RewardExpert set out to find the best towns, with populations sub-100,000, to dine in. The result: an insider’s look at the Best American Foodie Towns.

“Everyone knows that places like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago are home to top-notch eateries,” says RewardExpert CEO and co-founder Roman Shteyn, in a statement. “But America is a big country and its many nooks and crannies are treasure troves of local delicacies and innovative cuisine. This ranking dives deep into the heartland of America to examine which towns are must-see destinations for foodie enthusiasts.”

Here are the top cities in each region. Check out the entire report here


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