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This Week's Biggest Restaurant Headlines

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By Danny Klein December 15, 2017 Blog
In some ways, it wasn't the easiest week the industry has seen.
A Rough Week

There aren’t many ways to sugarcoat this past week in the restaurant business. And if I’m being honest, I think we’re just scratching the surface of what’s going to be a disturbing string of stories in the coming days and months. If there is a silver lining here, though, it’s the hope that exposing this disgusting behavior, which has gone mostly unchecked in recent decades, will dam the flood. This idea that, “oh, it’s a restaurant. This culture is just how it is.” Or, “if you want to work here, deal with it or go somewhere else.” It just needs to stop.

I think TV shows, as well as some trailblazing chefs, brought attention to the brigade era of restaurants. Quality of life isn’t the joke it once was. The idea that you could verbally abuse, taunt, demean, and mistreat employees without any kickback was commonplace in the past. It still is in many restaurants. But it definitely seems like it’s trailed off a bit. The screaming chef doesn’t hold the firm place in American culture like it once did. And that’s a great thing. Let’s hope sexual harassment and the awful abuse of power from male workers heads for the gutter. It’s about time this sordid world was exposed and cleaned up.

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