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Create Stunning Libations With Floral Scents, Flavors

While garnishes remain by far the most popular use of florals, bartenders are increasingly employing them to provide flavors and aromas. “When you’re putting in the time and effort into a cocktail, it should be a multilevel experience,” says Brian McDougall, head bartender at Boston’s Envoy Hotel.

Boost Cocktail Sales with This Korean Spirit

Despite being one of the world’s most popular spirits and claiming three of the globe’s best-selling liquor brands, soju hasn’t made much of a dent in the U.S. In fact, most Americans aren’t even aware of the distilled alcohol.

Make the Most of the Holiday Season with These Spirited Beverage Ideas

The holiday season is drinking season, which makes holiday cocktails an important component of restaurant bar promotions. “It’s very competitive in the restaurant and bar industry around the holidays, and you have to be part of the game,” says Marcelo Amaya, bar manager at Osetra Seafood & Steaks in San Diego, California.

Boost Your Bottom Line with Brunch Cocktails

Brunch is viewed by Americans as a special, even decadent, weekend ritual, so it’s no surprise that cocktails have become an integral component. Mimosas and bloody marys are synonymous with this lazy, breakfast-lunch repast, but mixologists are developing new and unusual takes on these classics while also creating new concoctions for brunch-goers.

Craft, Curiosity, and Conversation on the Bourbon Trail

Dotted across the rolling hills of northern Kentucky are more than a dozen distilleries that form the nationally recognized Bourbon Trail. Ranging from famous to micro, they offer guests from around the world a glimpse into the production and taste of the most American of spirits.

Why Shrubs are Dominating Cocktail Menus

Shrubs are sweet and tart vinegar-based syrups, also known as drinking vinegars, created with sugar, fruit or vegetables, spices, and herbs. These mixtures are increasingly popular in both cocktails and soft drinks.

Boardroom Spirits Voted Among Nation's Best Spirit Distilleries

Boardroom Spirits, the craft distillery based in Lansdale, was recently ranked third in the nation for specialty craft spirit distillation by USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice.A panel of six experts, chosen for their knowledge of the American craft spirits scene, partnered with 10 Best editors to nominate 20 U.

Garrison Brothers Distillery Launches Rare Cowboy Bourbon

Garrison Brothers Distillery announced the release of Cowboy Bourbon, the rarest, most coveted release in the company’s portfolio of ultra-premium, Texas-born bourbon whiskeys. In celebration of Bourbon Heritage Month, Cowboy Bourbon will be available at Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, Texas, for a limited time beginning September 21.

The Artisanal Cocktail Trend Includes Ice, Too

With so much focus on the spirits, juices, herbs, and spices in creating a cocktail, it’s easy to lose sight of one of a drink’s essential ingredients: ice. This modicum of frozen liquid—formed into a cube or sphere, cracked, crushed, or as part of a slush—can easily make or break any cocktail.

Large-Format Cocktails are Trending

To enhance the group dining experience, a growing number of establishments feature communal cocktails served in everything from punch bowls to coconut shells. “These large-format drinks bring with them the spirit of conviviality,” says Kyle Chamberlin, publications manager at market research firm Datassential, which recently included the trend in its Spring 2018 issue of TIPS.

How to Incorporate Vegetables into Cocktails

In response to an increasing number of guests adopting plant-forward diets, the nation’s chefs and mixologists are adding more vegetable-centric options to menus. Even beverage menus are on trend: The National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot list—culled from a survey of chefs—found culinary cocktails containing fresh, savory, herb-infused ingredients as one of the top alcoholic beverage trends for 2018.

Activated Charcoal Cocktails: Welcome to the Dark Side

When culinary folks talk about charcoal, it’s typically in terms of a heating agent for barbecued and grilled food. Increasingly, however, mixologists and chefs are looking at one form of the substance—activated charcoal—to provide color, flavor, and texture to their menus.