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How Operators Can Improve Efficiency and Increase Brand Loyalty

Consumer habits are changing quickly as technology continues to provide ever more options for how they can purchase food. Delivery is now a fact of life for full-service restaurant customers who want options beyond the basics of pizza and Chinese food.

Here's How to Capture Corporate Diners and Drive Sales

Earlier this year, Dinova partnered with the Global Business Travel Association to conduct a first-of-its-kind study into the dining habits and preferences of business travelers. The study surveyed 509 employees from across the United States.

Red Meat Sales Are Up. Here's How To Capture Them.

As consumers become increasingly curious about the source of their food, chefs are challenged to differentiate their menus with offerings that meet expectations for transparency, while still maximizing profits.

How to Make Outdoor Dining Spaces More Profitable

Outdoor umbrellas, tables, and other furniture can be powerful assets for full-service restaurants, especially when it comes to branding a location and creating a positive guest experience. Not only do these items add curb appeal and set the tone for the building, but they can actually attract consumers, too.

3 Ways to Make Your Breakfast Menu Stand Out

Breakfast is the restaurant industry’s fastest-growing daypart, making it an ideal environment for creativity and experimentation. As restaurants explore and bring new flavors, textures, spice levels, and ingredients to consumers, breakfast has intersected with another important trend: the all-important snack.

3 Ways to Maximize Breakfast Sales

Breakfast sales are booming, and consumer demand is showing no signs of dropping. While the trend is clear, some restaurants are still reluctant to embrace breakfast due to the strain all-day breakfast can put on staff.

3 Reasons Cleaning Your Exhaust System Daily Can Save Money

Full-service restaurant operators often rely on third-party service providers to come in and clean the hoods, flues, and fans in their kitchens. This can often upset kitchen schedules and routines, creating mess and requiring temporary closures that may result in lost revenue.