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The Proteins You Need to Elevate Your Menu

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever, and they settle for nothing less than top-quality ingredients. Proteins are especially under scrutiny as the stars of many dishes. Whether a restaurant serves traditional American cuisine or embraces industry-wide trends, such as ethnic flavors, finding the right protein base is a crucial step in getting a meal right.

This Surprising Ingredient Will Elevate Savory Dishes

It’s no secret that consumers love blueberries. In fact, a 2016 Market Opportunity Study by SMS Research found that blueberries are a number one preferred fresh fruit among consumers. But when many people think of blueberries, usually sweet applications come to mind, like pies, cobblers, cakes; or breakfast baked goods, like muffins, pancakes, or scones.

Cheeses That Can Boost Sales

Cheese is a staple of the culinary world, and for good reason—its uses are virtually unlimited. This simple ingredient can be used to create savory comfort classics, to add a classy touch to final products, or to stand alone in an appetizer tray or as a light, yet satisfying dessert.