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3 Resources for a Healthier Menu

Finding fresh, natural ingredients and products has never been more important in restaurants, as consumers are now paying more attention to where food comes from and its nutritional content.The National Restaurant Association reports in “Trending Healthy” that more than seven in 10 adults are trying to eat healthier at restaurants than they did two years ago, with more than eight in 10 restaurants saying their guests pay more attention to nutritional content of food.

5 Bold Beverages Consumers Crave

Beverages may not be the stars of most restaurant menus, but ignoring the power of these items is a big mistake. In Coca-Cola’s 2016 “Away From Home Beverage Landscape Study,” researchers found that in 45 percent of all away-from-home eating and drinking occasions, beverage drives restaurant selection, and 10 percent of the time, beverage is even more influential than food.

4 Hot Breakfast Trends for 2017

Breakfast is booming. From the explosion of brunch to the proliferation of all-day breakfast menus, this meal has migrated out of its traditional daypart and taking over all industry segments.Because of this popularity, breakfast can be a powerful sales driver.

What is the Best Jelly Flavor?

If you’ve ever had a conversation with someone about what the best jelly or jam flavor is, you probably know that the debate gets pretty heated. People have very strong opinions about what they put on their toast and biscuits.