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Who is Today’s Business Diner? This Study is Chock-Full of Great Insights

What do business diners look like? The truth is, it’s hard to say. With Millennials soon to make up the majority of the workforce and rapid shifts in corporate culture, a business diner could be the 25-year-old in a hoodie grabbing a bite at the airport, or a suited-up professional wining and dining clients at a steakhouse.

You Can Experiment with Global Cuisine Without Fear of Rejection

Ethnic cuisine continues to one of the fastest growing trends on American menus, and many chefs are struggling to meet consumer cravings while still balancing the basics of their core offerings. For those who are embracing the trend, there is still a risk that not all customers will enjoy a fully-blown ethnic meal, which is why many successful chefs are implementing global flavors on a smaller scale.