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Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Relish

This simple dish only takes 24 minutes to make and features a melt-in-your-mouth blueberry relish. By using this unexpected ingredient, restaurants can give their guests a unique, craveable dish that will keep them coming back for more.

Why Restaurants Should Focus on Employee Engagement

Employee turnover hurts. Not only does it create staff shortages, but it also costs restaurants significant amounts of money each year to advertise, interview, and train new employees, in addition to the cost associated with decreased efficiencies when new crew members are learning the job.

Why This Twist on Salads Satisfies Customer Cravings

Today’s consumers demand more menu variety than ever before, but they also want to know that the foods they are eating are nutritious. They are looking for fresh foods that are not highly processed and offer clean labels without additives or preservatives.

Blueberry Balsamic Dressing

Bluberries are not just for desserts. In fact, they make perfect additions to salad dressings. This Blueberry Balsamic dressing is filled with the flavor of blueberries, thyme, balsamic vinegar, and honey.

Cheeses That Can Boost Sales

Cheese is a staple of the culinary world, and for good reason—its uses are virtually unlimited. This simple ingredient can be used to create savory comfort classics, to add a classy touch to final products, or to stand alone in an appetizer tray or as a light, yet satisfying dessert.

4 Strategies for Lowering Employee Turnover in Your Restaurant

Restaurants, more than most other businesses, face challenges when the economy shifts—particularly in terms of labor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hospitality industry’s current turnover rate is 73 percent, while the national unemployment rate is at its lowest in a decade at 4.

7shifts Restaurant Labor Scheduling Platform Secures Additional Funding

7shifts, which is working to transform scheduling, communication, and labor-cost control for more than 1 million restaurants in North America, announced on Aug. 31 that it has secured US$3.5 million in funding from Tandem Capital and existing investor Relay Ventures.

This Unexpected Ingredient Can Transform Your Grilling

When one thinks of grilling, blueberries probably aren’t the first item that comes to mind. Most people associate the sweet, tangy fruit with desserts, but chefs can actually use blueberries to add new flavorful dimensions to their grilling, serving as a powerful differentiator.

Blueberry Root Beer Brine

Though blueberries may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of grilling, they can be an excellent addition to a grilled menu. This brine can be used to create a savory twist on traditional barbecue.