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West Coast Wine & Cheese

The wine and cheese bar isn’t exactly a novel concept around the Bay Area. San Francisco is a hotbed of culinary culture, and with the country’s most famous wine region just up the road, locals and tourists alike are ravenous about opening good bottles of vino. When Chris Wanner decided to leave the wine distribution industry to open his own wine bar, West Coast Wine • Cheese, he didn’t have to overcomplicate things to stand out in a crowded San Francisco field. He focused on local wine — and a gorgeous wine wall to tempt guests.

How Interior Design Can Drive Wine Sales

When restaurants try to think of ways to drive beverage sales, interior design probably isn’t the first item on the list, but the reality is that an impressive wine display can generate huge sales lifts.

Red Steakhouse: Modern Wine Cellar and Cuisine in South Beach

There are a bevy of impressive things regarding Red, The Steakhouse in South Beach.It takes the stuffy steakhouse and adds a contemporary twist in both menu and restaurant designThe wine room is a focal point, tempting guests with a well-curated New World wine listThe food is insaneThese are just some of the reasons this restaurant wins awards every year for its sexy decor and crazy good menu.

2 Flavorful Resources to Help Your Bottom Line

With so many options on the market, however, finding the right high quality sauces for your menu can be a challenge. This is why it is vital to find the best foodservice partners to help you create a bold menu and drive profits.

Making Better Butter...with Algae?

In an industry obsessed with health and sustainability, animal fat alternatives are in high demand. From vegans to dieters looking to reduce their fat intake, customers want healthier, more sustainable options.

Restaurant Magic's Data Central and CBS NorthStar Order Entry Combine for Superior Cloud-Based Management Software

For restaurant operators, safely collecting data at the point of sale and leveraging that data for increased profitability are vital for competing in today’s restaurant landscape. Together Custom Business Solutions’ NorthStar Order Entry and Restaurant Magic’s Data Central offer a superior cloud-based management solution to deliver the needed security and analytics to help restaurant operators of all service models.