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How One Restaurateur Scales His Franchise for Success

Jimmy John’s culture is laser-focused on quality—high quality. It’s actually more than a culture, it’s a way of life that influences everything they do, from the delicious food to the work ethic instilled in the team and franchisees.

Why Making Servers More Efficient Can Boost the Budget

Restaurants are facing increasing financial strain as states and municipalities pass more legislation around wage and labor practices, healthcare costs grow, and the hospitality labor pool shrinks. At the same time, customers are also becoming more demanding.

This Is the Way to Make Trendy Menu Changes Painless

Following and setting food trends is critical to the success of a brand, but frequently changing menu offerings or creating dishes that require new, expensive ingredients can put financial strain on the business and increase pressure on busy kitchen staff members.

How to Raise the Bar on Breakfast

Breakfast is growing across the entire foodservice industry, especially as all-day breakfast has expanded across both full-service and quick-service concepts. But to drive breakfast business, brands need to stand out from the competition with high-quality, differentiated offerings.

Elevate Your Beverage Program With This One Twist

It’s no secret that beverages are powerful tools for restaurants. Not only do they offer high profit margins, but strong, unique beverage menus also drive traffic. According to Mintel’s research, 45 percent of the time consumers actually choose which restaurants to frequent based on beverage offerings.

This Shortcut Makes Kitchens More Efficient

Today’s restaurants leaders face growing operational and labor costs, as well as high employee turnover. In addition to these challenges, Datassential’s 2018 Pulse report also lists growing consumer demand for speed and convenience as a top concern among restaurant owners.

The Proteins You Need to Elevate Your Menu

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever, and they settle for nothing less than top-quality ingredients. Proteins are especially under scrutiny as the stars of many dishes. Whether a restaurant serves traditional American cuisine or embraces industry-wide trends, such as ethnic flavors, finding the right protein base is a crucial step in getting a meal right.

Use This Strategy to Improve Customer Experience

With so many restaurant options available to consumers, brands have to find ways to stand out in order to draw in traffic. Add to that the pressure of intense social media scrutiny, and restaurants can’t afford to slip up anywhere.

This Surprising Ingredient Will Elevate Savory Dishes

It’s no secret that consumers love blueberries. In fact, a 2016 Market Opportunity Study by SMS Research found that blueberries are a number one preferred fresh fruit among consumers. But when many people think of blueberries, usually sweet applications come to mind, like pies, cobblers, cakes; or breakfast baked goods, like muffins, pancakes, or scones.