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Tyson Foods Makes Sustainability Progress

Tyson Foods released its 2018 sustainability report, demonstrating progress and increased transparency across key sustainability measures, including, farming practices, worker health and safety, hunger relief and more.

Darden Announces Improvements to Animal Welfare Policy

Darden Restaurants, Inc. today announced an animal welfare policy that encourages higher welfare outcomes for farm animals in its supply chain. As part of the policy, Darden intends to form an external Animal Welfare Advisory Council that the Company will leverage to continually ensure its animal welfare program is based on best available science and industry-wide practices, including developments in outcomes measurement and reporting.

Impossible Foods Boosts Sustainability Across Key Metrics

Impossible Foods publishes a comprehensive life cycle assessment on Impossible Burger 2.0, the food tech startup’s award-winning, plant-based meat.When consumers buy an Impossible Burger instead of a burger from cows, they reduce their impact across every significant environmental category, including land-use, use of freshwater, greenhouse gas emissions, and aquatic pollution from runoff.

Trim Food Waste, Trim the Bottom Line

At Denver-based chain Snooze, food waste reduction is a multipronged effort. There is only one trash bin in each kitchen with multiple compost bins posted at each workstation. A quinoa bowl on the menu uses a ham broth that’s actually a byproduct of roasting pork overnight.

Hacking Sustainability is No Sweat

Sustainability is no longer considered a buzzword of the moment; it’s an ecological and financial necessity. Trimming waste, sourcing carefully, and making the most use of each ingredient are principles everyone should live by, but essential within the restaurant industry where more than 11.

Perdue Farms Aims to Enhance Animal Welfare Standards

For the third consecutive year, Perdue Farms continues its collaborative and transparent journey to change the way it raises chickens, addressing growing public concerns over broiler welfare. On July 11 and 12, Perdue brought together animal care experts, representatives of animal welfare advocacy groups such as the Humane Society of the United States and Compassion in World Farming; animal care researchers; leading retail and foodservice customers such as Blue Apron and Wegmans; and Perdue farmers at the third Annual Perdue Animal Care Summit to share updates on the company’s advancements in animal care and garner feedback from the groups.

Impossible Foods Details Strategic Roadmap

Impossible Foods published its 2018 impact report, an annual update on the food tech startup’s mission, business and strategic roadmap.Impossible Foods makes meat directly from plants—with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals.