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Rational Earns Energy Star, Provides “Whitefficiency”

Rational, the global technology and market leader in hot food preparation, has joined EPA’s Energy Star program as an Energy Star partner.  Due to Rational’s focus on its holistic approach to sustainability, whitefficiency, its SelfCookingCenter units have earned the Energy Star.

ACF Conference to Promote Sustainable Food Practices

Embracing a sustainable future is the theme for the 2014 American Culinary Federation (ACF) events series, and kicking off the first of five events in 2014 is the ACF Western Regional Conference taking place in Oakland, California, March 2–5.

Greener Fields Together Joins Ecofarm Event

Greener Fields Together, the sustainability and local produce initiative created by the PRO*ACT produce supply-chain management company, is taking its commitment to sustainably and food safety for fresh produce to the EcoFarm 2014 Conference, January 22–25, at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California.


Ramsi’s Café on the World

Farming A Healthier Menu

As owners of Ramsi’s Café on the World, a Louisville, Kentucky, dining institution, Rhona and Ramsi Kamar know how to be successful restaurateurs—and now they are farmers as well.“Back to the landers.


Robert's Maine Grill

The Fundamentals of Fish to Fork

Robert’s Maine Grill, in Kittery, Maine, used to toss all its oyster shells into the trash can behind the restaurant to be carted off to the local landfill. Not anymore.“We were approached by the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) of New Hampshire and the University of New Hampshire in Durham to join in an oyster-shell recycling program,” says Jeremiah Fitzgerald, marketing manager for the restaurant.

Norway’s Fisheries Offer Sustainable Fish Supply to U.S. Markets

New England’s ever-dwindling cod supply is forcing U.S. chefs to look elsewhere for the popular menu item. Last year, the New England Fishery Management Council slashed 2013-2105 cod quotas by more than 50 percent for the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, in efforts to halt the fish species from completely disappearing from the region.

Furthering Farm to Table

As interest in local sourcing accelerates, chefs augment time-consuming trips to the farmers market with online platforms that provide greater visibility to local vendors and consolidate orders.When executive chef David Baeli wanted to purchase meat, dairy, and produce from local farmers for his San Francisco–based eatery Hops & Hominy, he had to call multiple vendors to inquire about stock, availability, and prices, or trek to the local farmers market to search for goods.

CAFÉ/Kendall College Green Award Recognizes Excellence in Sustainability Education

The Kendall College School of Culinary Arts and the Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education (CAFÉ) are accepting applications for the 2014 CAFÉ/Kendall College Green Award. This is the first national award to recognize secondary and postsecondary culinary-arts and baking/pastry programs for their commitment to teaching and practicing sustainability.

Hobart Grant Winner Creates a "Hugelkultur" System

The Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability recently announced its annual $5,000 grant for individuals or organization with the best executed foodservice or grocery sustainability project of the year is now open to applicants.

Nebraska Offers Fine Dining with Farm-to-Table Flair

Nebraska is known for its agricultural production, but our agricultural heritage also makes Nebraska the perfect place for a culinary adventure. Here are some highlights of fine dining in Nebraska that come straight from the farm.

Eden Roc Miami Beach to Launch 15 Steps

Eden Roc Miami Beach – a member of the Destination Hotels & Resorts collection – is proud to announce the launch of “15 Steps,” the resort’s signature restaurant and new garden-inspired dining experience, named after the fifteen steps necessary to grow a vegetable, catch a fish and cook the perfect steak.