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Unilever Food Solutions Partners with Culinary Institute of America

Unilever Food Solutions, the food service division of Unilever, today shares its ambition to help chefs make 200 million meals healthier, tastier, and more enjoyable every day by 2020. In North America, in support of this ambition, the goal is to help operators reduce 1 billion calories on restaurant menus and through a partnership agreement with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), to help develop a sustainable food service industry.

Repurposing Leftover Idaho Potatoes Boosts Profits

As a menu staple, it’s a given that leftover potatoes are found in most foodservice kitchens. To prove the opportunity for profit from yesterday’s entrée and side dish, the Idaho Potato Commission asked chef-instructor Richard Nickless of the Culinary Institute of Charleston to calculate the cost of producing popular entrees from items stored in the reach-in.

Betco Corporation Announces Green Earth Devour Drain Gel

Betco Corporation announced the launch of Green Earth Devour Drain Gel.  Green Earth Devour Drain Gel is uniquely formulated for naturally maintaining drains and odors typically found in food service applications as well as other commercial areas.

Tork Celebrates 10 Years as the Leading Napkin Dispenser System

SCA, the maker of the Tork brand of away-from-home paper products, is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Xpressnap napkin dispenser system, the revolutionary one-at-a-time dispenser that has transformed the foodservice industry by dramatically cutting paper waste.

Study Suggests Consumers Prefer Cloth Napkins

Restaurants that would like to improve food quality and service perception, and charge more per entrée, should strongly consider using cloth napkins, according to a recent study by Milliken & Company, a leading manufacturer of table linen fabrics for the hospitality industry.

LiveWall Creates Vertical Gardens for Restaurants

Vertical gardens, or plants on walls, can offer a cost-effective opportunity for restaurants to improve nutrition, meal taste, and prestige. By providing a convenient method for growing and harvesting produce, owners and managers can provide their chefs with low-cost fresh herbs and vegetables, which can enhance the quality and presentation of the food they prepare.

Alaska Fisherman to Bring In Estimated 179M Fish This Summer

The summer harvest season for wild Alaska salmon officially opens on May 16, with a projected harvest of 179 million fish.Should the harvest reach this prediction, 2013 will mark the eighth-largest Alaska salmon season on record and a 40 percent increase from last year’s catch of 127.

Hunt, Gather, Sauté

From the earliest recorded history, our ancestors were hunters and gatherers who foraged for their foodstuffs.Centuries later, we’ve come full circle and chefs are getting back in touch with their ancestral roots through the practice of foraging to create flavorful culinary dishes served to patrons who prize freshness, local ingredients, and seasonal dishes.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Credit the green movement, the obsession with healthy lifestyles, the desire to optimize social engagement—or all of the above; whatever the reason, restaurants are increasingly designing natural elements into their interior dining spaces.

Cochon 555 Returns to Seattle for a Six Chef St. Patrick's Day Cook Off

2013 marks a culinary milestone: The fifth anniversary of Cochon 555, a one-of-a-kind traveling culinary competition and tasting event created to promote sustainable farming of heritage breed pigs. Arriving at the quintessentially Northwest Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle March 17, the pork-centric tour brings together – for the first time ever – SIX chefs, five pigs, and five wineries for a Best of the Pacific Northwest in a St.

GOJO Sustainability Report Wins National Recognition

The 2011 Sustainability Report of GOJO Industries, Inc., has won accolades in a nationwide competition to recognize work in corporate social responsibility.GOJO Industries, Inc. is the inventor of PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer and distributes PURELL Hand Sanitizer in away-from-home markets throughout the world.

Rodelle Project: Anything but Vanilla

It started out as a quest for the best quality vanilla and will result in new stoves for thousands of Ugandans, which will lead to better health, less impact on the environment and reduced deforestation.