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Talking Trash About Mainstream Seafood

Chef Kelly Whitaker of Boulder, Colorado’s Basta pizzeria and its sister restaurant, Cart-Driver, is reminiscing about wrestling with an octopus. This was a literal, not a symbolic experience, and yet, it does provide some potent imagery for Whitaker’s struggle to bring sustainable seafood to menus nationwide.

The Hunt for Hearty Entrées

Far different from foraging, working with game meat requires a different set of rules. In fact, USDA regulations prohibit serving meat from a personal hunting expedition in restaurants.But sourcing wild game is getting easier.

Aroogas’ Guests Decide Fate of Organic Wings

There are simply some questions a single person, or company, can’t answer alone. Gary Huether, Jr., the president and co-founder of Arooga's Grille House & Sports Bar, had no qualms about this matter when he began entertaining the idea of swapping his best-selling item for an organic version.

World Vegetarian Day Not Just For Vegetarians

On this day, October 1, 2015, meatless-Monday advocates get to step out of the box and celebrate how far vegetable-forward cuisine has come with the celebration of World Vegetarian Day.The celebrants won’t just be those who ascribe to elimination diets though.

Finding Ways to Cope with Weather-Related Issues

You can’t predict the weather. It’s a simple enough notion, but one Bruce Reinstein, the president of Consolidated Concepts—a purchasing partner for restaurant groups with 10 or more units—thinks deserves more scrutiny from operators around the country.

Brewed to be Green

Beer that reflects environmental concerns and social awareness is gaining traction.Sustainable initiatives have applicability for breweries as well as for their restaurant customers. “Restaurants are trying to connect people better with their food.

Sysco Demonstrates Continuous Progress in Sustainability Report

Sysco Corporation updated its online sustainability report, providing information on the company's economic, environmental, and social responsibility performance. The report, titled "Delivering on Our Commitments," outlines Sysco's strategic approach to sustainability in its three focus areas of food, operations, and community.

Something in the Water

As consumers become more environmentally conscious restaurants are taking note and looking for better ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Many restaurants are doing this by placing increased focus on drinking water, and specifically by eliminating traditional bottled water from the menu, which sends a message to consumers that the restaurant is clamping down on unsustainable practices.

Compass Group USA and California Growers’ Hone in on Imperfect Produce

Compass Group's Imperfectly Delicious Produce (IDP) program, developed in partnership with subsidiary Bon Appetit Management Company, launched in 2014 to fight food and water waste by "rescuing" or purchasing imperfect fruits and vegetables from growers and distributors—produce that might have languished in fields or been sent to composting or a landfill simply for not meeting an artificial standard of attractiveness.

Applied Food Studies Takes a Broad Perspective

The Culinary Institute of America’s Applied Food Studies (AFS) major debuted in January. This new program provides a broad and interdisciplinary perspective on the complex and interrelated issues in the food world today.

2015 Menus of Change Annual Report Presents Mixed Picture

The 2015 Menus of Change Annual Report was released at the 3rd Annual Menus of Change Leadership Summit, held for the first time at the Hyde Park, New York, campus of The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), which presents the initiative in partnership with Harvard T.

Eat Well Guide Lists Sustainable Food Vendors Across the U.S.

The GRACE Communications Foundation today launched its new Eat Well Guide, the largest online directory of sustainable food vendors in the country with 25,000 listings of restaurants, farms, farmers’ markets, food co-ops, and more across the U.