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Farmers Harvest to Chefs’ Orders

Instead of subscribing to the notion that the closest proximity dictates the highest supply quality, Spoonbar, a restaurant in Healdsburg, California, found a way to tap into a wider range of microclimates that span a 140-mile area from Southern Mendocino County, through all of Sonoma and into Marin County.

Cultured Meat Company Making Global Debut

Memphis Meats, which is growing meat grown outside a live animal (cultured meat), will make its global debut on Feruary 4 in San Francisco. The founders will present to investors at the biotech accelerator Indie Bio, which was created by venture capital firm SOS Ventures.

Menu Integrity

For many chefs and restaurant operators, the ingredients, preparation, and cooking methods they use are integral both to their cuisine and to the overall perception of the food they create.Terms like fresh, antibiotic-free, made-from-scratch, and organic increasingly appear on menus of full-service restaurants, from white tablecloth settings to family-style diners.

Alternative Thinking Cuts Costs

Sometimes decisions born in compromises end up as great ideas.Restaurant owners don’t like to make concessions, especially when it comes to the quality of food or the overall comfort of guests.But give-and-take is part of doing business, especially when the cost for opening a new restaurant is running well above budget.

The Birthplace of a Beverage

It’s an old motto in marketing that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. This impetus to tell your brand’s story is increasingly being told by describing where a restaurant’s food and beverages come from.

Ordering Made Simple

While pursuing an MBA at Georgetown University, Konstantin Zvereff and Jag Bansal were given an assignment that focused on a growing restaurant chain, and they immediately saw that something seemed out of whack in the industry: The front-of-house staff had access to all kinds of helpful technology—from reservations to table management to orders—but the back of house was still using Excel spreadsheets and voicemails to manage orders and deliveries from suppliers.

Winter Root Vegetables

Beets, carrots, potatoes: The usual suspects still reign on winter menus. But this year, we’re hearing more about celeriac, different types of turnips, and other less-common root vegetables as growers experiment with new and heirloom varieties.

Cochon 555 Announces New York City Chef Lineup

One of North America’s most talked about culinary competitions returns to New York City on January 24 with a one-of-a-kind stand-up tasting reception featuring five chefs cooking five heritage breed pigs in a friendly competition for a cause.

US Foods to Double Size of Distribution Center

US Foods announced plans to expand its distribution center in Fife, Washington. The expansion project kicks off in late January 2016 and will nearly double the size of its current facility, allowing the company to expand its customer base and better serve chefs, restaurateurs, and foodservice operators throughout the Seattle area.

A Chef with Many Hats

Few chefs have a full-service restaurant, a culinary school, and a local farm-to-restaurant distribution program. But Chef David Swanson does it all.A former fine-dining chef who has been nominated for Best Chef: Midwest by the James Beard Foundation for the past three years, Milwaukee-based Chef Swanson started with the cooking school, founding the Braise on the Go Traveling Culinary School in 2004.

Talking Trash About Mainstream Seafood

Chef Kelly Whitaker of Boulder, Colorado’s Basta pizzeria and its sister restaurant, Cart-Driver, is reminiscing about wrestling with an octopus. This was a literal, not a symbolic experience, and yet, it does provide some potent imagery for Whitaker’s struggle to bring sustainable seafood to menus nationwide.

The Hunt for Hearty Entrées

Far different from foraging, working with game meat requires a different set of rules. In fact, USDA regulations prohibit serving meat from a personal hunting expedition in restaurants.But sourcing wild game is getting easier.

Aroogas’ Guests Decide Fate of Organic Wings

There are simply some questions a single person, or company, can’t answer alone. Gary Huether, Jr., the president and co-founder of Arooga's Grille House & Sports Bar, had no qualms about this matter when he began entertaining the idea of swapping his best-selling item for an organic version.