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Chefs Share 6 Delectable Late-Night Delights

Late-night menus come with challenges. Kitchens have already semi-closed; staff is tight. It can be tempting to simply cobble together leftovers, but plenty of restaurants have a menu and plan in place to offer delicious bites, well past traditional dining hours. The result? Extra revenue and another opportunity to get creative. Take a look at these examples.

Life After Top Chef: Catching Up with 5 Former Contestants

Bravo! TV’s hit show “Top Chef” has had an enormous effect on the way food, cooking, and chefs are perceived in both the public and the restaurant industry. Much like the Food Network “glamorized” food and cooking, “Top Chef” has glamorized the life of a chef and helped turn dozens of professionals into nationwide celebrity chefs.

'Top Chef' Taught Chef Kevin Gillespie How to Trust His Instincts

As a “Top Chef” contestant, Kevin Gillespie became known for his red beard (now the inspiration for his restaurant group name), warm personality, and all-around likeability. He placed third in the show’s sixth season (losing to Michael Voltaggio), but no matter; he has since opened popular restaurants Gunshow in Atlanta and Revival in Decatur, Georgia.

John Tesar: 'Top Chef' Made Me a Better Person

Tesar rebounded from an early cut in Season 10 to place in the top three of “Top Chef” Season 14, which aired last year. He was portrayed in a much more subdued light the second time around; in his first season, Tesar was known for fiery rants and in-fighting.

5 Surprising Deep-Fried Dishes from Chefs

Fried foods have been shunned in recent years as consumers watch their waistlines and cholesterol levels. But even the healthiest consumer leaves a little room for indulgence. This month, in honor of the comfort foods people turn to when looking to keep warm, we take a look at some of the more creative dishes coming out of the fryer.