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John Tesar: 'Top Chef' Made Me a Better Person

Tesar rebounded from an early cut in Season 10 to place in the top three of “Top Chef” Season 14, which aired last year. He was portrayed in a much more subdued light the second time around; in his first season, Tesar was known for fiery rants and in-fighting.

Heather Terhune Learned How to Take Risks from 'Top Chef'

After going head-to-head on “Top Chef” with six other chefs from Chicago when she was the executive chef of Sable Kitchen & Bar, Terhune came home to a much busier restaurant than before.READ MORE: Catching up with five former "Top Chef" contestants.

How 'Top Chef' Helped Spike Mendelsohn Launch His Empire

As one of the earlier “Top Chef” contestants, Mendelsohn instantly became a fan favorite and recognizable by his many stylish hats. He has since made several other TV appearances with Bravo! and other networks while opening multiple fast-casual restaurants in Washington, D.

5 Surprising Deep-Fried Dishes from Chefs

Fried foods have been shunned in recent years as consumers watch their waistlines and cholesterol levels. But even the healthiest consumer leaves a little room for indulgence. This month, in honor of the comfort foods people turn to when looking to keep warm, we take a look at some of the more creative dishes coming out of the fryer.

A Colorado Chef Redefines the Farm-to-Table Mantra

Remember the whole farm-to-table mania? It hit its fever pitch a few years ago—and continues to rage on—but the trend had its origins in a lot of different places.One of those places was Boulder, Colorado, where sourcing local meat, produce, and other foods really began to take off in the late 2000s.

One Ingredient Five Ways: Potatoes

Just in time for the cold-weather season, here’s a look at some innovative dishes using everyone’s favorite starchy comfort food: the humble potato.

111 Ideas for Menu Innovation

Accessorize with sauces and sides:1. Savory yogurtCarl Jorgensen, director of thought leadership with Daymon, believes we’ll see savory yogurt take off in sandwich sauces and sides.2. Romesco SauceAn orange sauce made with roasted red peppers, romesco is gaining traction.

Chef Russell Jones Crafts a Carolina Classic in Tallulah

When the opportunity opened up for Russell Jones to return to his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, he jumped at the chance to explore a new culinary path and establish some permanent roots. Some chefs might be surprised at his choice to bypass food haven Charleston for a less-established, more up-and-coming food town such as Columbia.

Tatiana Pairot Rosana Personifies The Modern American Chef

Call it a mashup or the new fusion or what you will, but the blending of Latin, Asian, and other cuisines continues to take shape on restaurant menus across the nation. Some say this is simply modern American food, as increasingly people of all different backgrounds and cultures come together.

4 Iconic American Dishes to Watch Out for at Flavored Nation

A new food experience, led by a team of culinary entertainment and Food Network veterans, plans to showcase America’s 50 most iconic foods, bringing the dishes—and the acclaimed chef from each state who prepares it best—together under one roof in St.

Where Chefs are Foraging for Food this Fall

ChanterelleThis golden-colored, meaty fungus is favored by just about every chef because of its flower-like shape and aroma, a taste that is simultaneously peppery and woodsy, and a texture that is both chewy and creamy when it’s cooked just right.

The Skinny on Chef Abraham Conlon's Fat Rice

Fat Rice chef and co-owner Abraham Conlon is using this interview to take a little break, jokingly stretching his long legs across the bench in the newly expanded lounge next door to the restaurant like he’s ready for a therapy session.