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Carolyn Walkup

Taking Control of Bar Shrink

“Bar shrink,” an industry term for losing revenue on liquid assets due to bad practices—either inadvertent or deliberate—has been a perennial problem for restaurant operators.“The bar business is a cash business.

Minding Your Guests’ Manners

While keeping customers happy is a perpetual challenge in the restaurant industry, some operators have learned that success may come from making a few guests unhappy.Operators who pride themselves on hospitality advise establishing clear rules on guest behavior and empowering staff to enforce them.

Seasonal Strategies

Operating full-service restaurants of any kind is not an easy way to make a living, but restaurateurs in locales where their business can fluctuate wildly with the seasons face even more challenges than most.

White Zinfandel: Born By Accident But Still Going Strong

Mention the sweet pink, white Zinfandel to wine connoisseurs and you’ll get snide remarks to the effect that no one who knows anything about wine drinks it anymore. But they would be wrong.White Zinfandel is a slightly sweet wine made from the red-skinned Zinfandel grape.