Connie Gentry

The Top 100 Independent Restaurants—The 1900s

Imagine owning a restaurant that’s older than our Independence Day celebration. Impossible for most of us to grasp, but restaurants that have stood the test of time are lessons in excellence and entertainment.

Chefs Count on that Hometown Advantage

Before consumers became chef groupies and gourmet connoisseurs, the penultimate endorsement for a restaurant was: “This is where the locals eat.” In all the glam and glitter of prestigious awards, it can be easy to forget the value of that hometown advantage.

The 21 Best Culinary Schools in America

Culinary educations are evolving to connect foodservice to a bigger worldview that encompasses eating for health and wellness, sustainable practices, and an understanding of entrepreneurial business.

Chef Dominique Crenn Dares All

The poet turned chef started writing poetry at age 4. Now, Dominique Crenn has perfected modernistic cuisine into an artistic experience at Atelier Crenn, where the price to dine starts at $325 per person.

What Dominique Crenn Taught Me About the Future of Food

When Chef Dominique Crenn scheduled time for the cover photo shoot and to talk with me, I let out a squeal of delight. (I get excited about every conversation with a chef, but you can ask my office pals—a squeal is a step beyond.

What if All Restaurants Committed to Meatless Monday?

For several weeks I’ve had a preview copy of The Reducetarian Solution on my desk. More importantly, I’ve had the book’s topic—“How the surprisingly simple act of reducing the amount of meat in your diet can transform your health and the planet”—on my mind.

How Cameron Mitchell’s Ethical Approach Fuels a Restaurant Empire

On the afternoon we talked, commotion and activity filled the background setting as Cameron Mitchell’s eponymous restaurant company moved into its new office building. His personal office, which overlooks his beloved hometown, is a far cry from his first “office,” the dining room table in his mother’s condo where he drew up plans for the 1993 opening of Cameron’s of Worthington, the debut restaurant in what’s become the premier upscale-dining empire in Columbus, Ohio.

American Cuisine Can Help Showcase Our Diversity

Where government leaders fail, perhaps chefs will succeed.I think this partly because of something Esther Choi said when we talked for our cover story: “I truly believe,” the chef/owner of m˘okbar told me, “that food is the first element that brings people to be interested in any culture … You fall in love with a cuisine and it opens the door to other aspects of the culture.

The Big and Small of Restaurant Kitchens

Waitressing my way through college, I spent some time in a restaurant kitchen, but when FSR launched in 2012, I had my first official kitchen tour. The Angus Barn in Raleigh, North Carolina, offered an impressive introduction into the inner workings of a multi-million-dollar operation.

The Reinvention of Minneapolis' Restaurant Alma

Hospitality takes a holistic turn within a historic building nestled in the oldest riverfront neighborhood in Minneapolis, thanks to the expansion of a fine-dining destination into a daylong café and European-style boutique hotel.

What Not to Do in Your Restaurant This Year

Sprinkled throughout this story are suggestions and innovations from restaurant owners and operators, culminating in a presentation of 100 Best Practices to consider for 2017. We thought this list would be a fun and productive way to kick off the New Year, but a list that could be just as important is what not to do.

2017 Restaurant Buyer’s Guide

Operators across all dining segments will find something of interest among the many products featured in our 2017 Buyer’s Guide. From fresh harvests courtesy of multigenerational farmers to technologies that drive efficiencies to biographical cookbooks from famed chefs (and even a novelist turned vegetarian), the items included speak to improved operations for full-service restaurants.

Nothing Beats Eating on the Farm

There’s only one thing better than eating in a farm-to-table restaurant—that would be eating on the farm itself. I was treated to this very experience when I visited Hope & Harmony Farms in eastern Virginia, on a food tour hosted by the National Peanut Board.