Danny Klein

The Bacon-Themed Restaurant With National Plans

Like any great story, this one begins with fried bacon and a mason jar.Four partners—Eric Bergelson, Mike Porter, Jason Callaway, and Chef Anthony Gray—sat around a table in a former hot dog restaurant, brainstorming the future.

What it Takes to Cater the Super Bowl

Think the Super Bowl is big? Imagine catering the parties that precede and follow the largest sporting event in America. That’s the task handed to Celeste Fierro, the senior vice president and co-founder of The ONE Group, parent company to STK, a growing, global chain of 11 steakhouses.

Trump's Policies Could Bring Out the Best—or Worst—in Restaurants

Mark Verge received two angry phone calls. One guy called him “Mr. Perfect.” They wanted Verge to step off his pedestal and back into the trenches. They also happened to be fellow restaurateurs.What could Verge have said to turn his desk into a complaints center? He told the truth.

Michael Mina's Pizza & Burger is Here to Stay

As another Miami summer descended upon the famed Fontainebleau, Michael Mina decided his fine-dining restaurant could use a vacation. In the space formerly occupied by Michael Mina 74, he wanted to open a casual, relaxed venue where sunscreen-soaked guests could feel as comfortable in board shorts as they would in dinner jackets.

The Cajun Chain That's Spreading Across America

Raymond Griffin will be the first to admit he got taken. The $35,000 dream turned into a $100,000 one. Then came food costs, labor costs, bad hires, and even worse hours.“I got hammered pretty bad,” he says.

Sophia's Refines the Supper Club Experience

The night began, as so many dinners do, with a 7 p.m. reservation. Entrées were ordered. Bottles of wine uncorked. The table sipped on after-dinner cocktails and basked in the setting. Only at Sophia’s, an Austin, Texas, restaurant open since August, this string of events is often just the beginning.

Chefs Raise Money, Awareness at DC's Capital Food Fight

Spike Mendelsohn understands the responsibility better than most. Over the course of his career, he has competed on Bravo’s “Top Chef,” Food Network’s “Iron Chef,” hosted the channel's "Kitchen Sink," and appeared on “The Rachel Ray Show,” among other marquee events.

Restaurants Flock to Upcoming ONE DAYTONA

Mark McKee often travels from his Orlando office to his home in Kansas City. The CEO of Ace North America LLC, the Central Florida franchisee of Oklahoma Joe’s, wasn’t intending to conduct business at 20,000 feet.

The Man Behind NYC's $10M Kosher Steakhouse

At 30 years old, Albert Allaham could already trade in his apron for a comfy seat in some corporate office. The head of Reserve Cut, a New York City steakhouse with projected sales of $10 million in 2016, Allaham has watched his restaurant’s profile skyrocket since opening in Manhattan’s Financial District three years ago.

The Challenge of Refreshing a Legacy Brand

Ken Peters and the team at Nocturnal Branding turned in a 149-page report—on 13-by-19-inch paper—to Macayo’s. If that seems a bit excessive, consider this: That’s just a shade over two pages for every year the legendary Arizona Mexican chain has been open.