Danny Klein

Why Darden is Taking a $780 Million Gamble on Cheddar’s

It isn’t every day that a major casual dining company precedes a financial review with a $780 million jolt. In this sector of the industry especially, it has become commonplace for organizations to huddle and guard their assets.

A Cleveland Restaurateur Embarks on Bold Mayoral Run

Brandon Chrostowski sent out an email with the subject line “Thank You!!!” In the second paragraph, he revealed that he was taking a leave of absence from his four-year-old restaurant. The reasoning was a bit atypical.

How to Survive Renovations? Open a New Restaurant

When Vanda Asapahu and her family first purchased the building on West 87th Street in Los Angeles where they would open Ayara Thai, it became clear that renovations would one day figure into the restaurant’s future.

How to Get a Killer Bargain on Restaurant Equipment

The struggles of the casual dining industry have been well chronicled. But here’s a question that often goes unanswered: What happens to all that pricey restaurant equipment?In many cases, there’s a solid chance the next owner might just want to open a restaurant.

What Restaurants Really Think About Health Care

Like many Americans, I couldn’t break down a health care bill if I tried.In response, I handed over the topic to our more-than-capable readers, professionals throughout the restaurant industry who have direct day-in and day-out experience with this lava-hot issue.

The Rebirth of America's Classic Chain

Paul Mangiamele won’t call it a comeback. What’s happening these days at Bennigan’s is better described as a renaissance, he says. Actually, just take the prefix “re” and tack on the word of your choice.

A Sale Could Be in Ruby Tuesday's Future

In the wake of its preliminary third quarter fiscal results, Ruby Tuesday says it is ready to explore “strategic alternatives” as it looks to reverse an alarming downturn that included the closing of 95 restaurants in the first quarter of 2017.

How TGI Fridays is Changing the Casual Dining Game

One of the widespread criticisms of casual dining—a segment that just experienced a 4 percent sales drop in February—is an antiquated and rigid approach to business. Nobody will accuse TGI Fridays of that anytime soon.

US Foods Rolls Out Product Lineup for Millennials

A lot has changed since US Foods launched its first Scoop product lineup in 2011. And not just across the industry, but around the roundtable at the growing company as well.Stacie Sopinka, vice president of product development and innovation, estimates that nearly two-thirds of her current team are millennials, a much-examined demographic that essentially refers to anybody who reached adulthood in the early 2000s.

The 5 Best Barbecue Places I've Ever Visited

When I was in high school, our refrigerator stopped working. Since my mother never really cooked, we saw no reason to replace it. We put drinks on the windowsill to cool down. I sipped tap water from pickle jars and ate on the couch with a towel across my lap.