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Gary M. Stern

Yelp and TripAdvisor: Friend or Foe?

For many restaurateurs and general managers, reading Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews has become a daily routine, like drinking coffee.Take Liam Seide, owner and general manager of Denizen, a swanky wine bar and eatery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Marco Canora: A Fine-Dining Chef with NYC Street Smarts

You’d think restaurateur Marco Canora would be sitting pretty. After all, the chef was named Best Chef for New York City at the 2017 James Beard Awards. His restaurant Hearth, located in the East Village, has been humming along since 2003 and it still generates a steady fan following long after the initial buzz.

Punch Bowl Social: The Next Big 'Eatertainment' Chain

“Would you like to play ping-pong after you finish your meal?” might be an apt question for a server to ask a customer at the fast-growing Denver-based restaurant chain Punch Bowl Social. It’s opening its 11th outlet by the end of 2017 and plans six more (in 2018).

A Michelin-Starred French Chef Takes Roost in NYC

Most 71-year-old French chefs who have earned three stars from Michelin are contemplating retirement and maybe retreating to a summer place in Monte Carlo or Nice. But not Antoine Westermann. He earned his three stars at Le Buerehiesel in Strasbourg, France.

The World's Best Chefs Join the Club

The Chefs Club is bringing global and domestic culinary talent to prepare meals and offer original recipes at its eateries in New York and Aspen, Colorado. It operates like the James Beard House, the renowned non-profit membership club that invites the best domestic chefs to prepare meals for foodies in New York City.

Can Brunch Save Casual Dining?

Sales at 64 percent of casual dining chains in 2016 dipped, according to industry tracker TDn2k, heightened by a slew of competitors. That list includes fresh meals delivered to consumers’ homes, inexpensive prepared meals from supermarkets like Trader Joe’s, and fast casuals like Panera Bread.

The Art of Selling a Restaurant

Selling a long-standing restaurant is no easy task. Take Merle Borenstein, who opened Armadillo’s Bar & Grill, a Southwestern eatery, in the then edgy Rondout area of Kingston, New York, in 1988, about 90 miles north of New York City.

Can Restaurants Give Barnes & Noble a Boost?

As sales at bookseller Barnes & Noble sag and dip annually, something had to be done to jumpstart revenue. When in doubt, experiment. In December 2016, B&N introduced three full-service Barnes & Noble Kitchens at stores in Eastchester, New York—a suburb 18 miles north of New York City—Edina, Minnesota, and Folsom, California.

Restaurants Feed The Election Fever

Some enterprising restaurateurs and hotel chains are tapping the frenzy over the presidential election to launch special events replete with original Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump drinks and entrees—many with a sense of humor—to generate excitement with their customers.

Catering Success

Combine a swanky steakhouse with a chic bar lounge and what results is STK, a group of 10 global eateries located in trendy neighborhoods in gateway cities such as New York, London, and Chicago. But The One Group, which owns STK, is always in pursuit of new revenue streams.

Australian Food Invades New York City

A generation ago, a slew of Chinese eateries debuted in New York City succeeded by a score of Thai restaurants and then a spate of tapas eateries. But the latest trend stems from a country situated 10,000 miles away: Australian eateries are proliferating in New York faster than you can say “G-day mate.

Role Models

Since opening Salare in early 2015, Edouardo Jordan has already earned a reputation as one of Seattle’s most talented chefs. The 60-seat Salare is often packed, and Providence Cicero, The Seattle Times restaurant critic, described the opening as “Jordan’s breakout restaurant,” adding “Jordan’s moment is now.