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Spanish Fare Hits the Bull’s-Eye at Growing Bulla Gastrobar

Guests dining at Bulla Gastrobar, located in the Coral Gables and Doral communities of Miami, as well as Winter Park, Florida, usually have no idea that they’re frequenting a rapidly expanding chain of restaurants that will see three more sites open in Tampa, Atlanta, and Texas in the second quarter of 2017, and a fourth shortly afterward in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Rob Stark

Fire It Up

Wood-burning ovens aren’t always easy to install in a restaurant, and they sure aren’t cheap. But the additional time and expense required to include these ovens in the kitchen is necessary for many Italian chefs and restaurateurs who utilize them for distinct flavor in not only pizza, flatbreads, and focaccia, but also a wide variety of entrées ranging from short ribs and veal to radicchio and romaine.

cuba-factor.jpg Boerman

The Cuba Factor

Months after President Barack Obama met with Raul Castro, discussions about the consequences of travel and trade reconciliation abound, especially in Cuban immigrant communities in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Sauces and Oils Help Italian Chefs Build the Perfect Dish

Americans love Italian food. According to 2015 data from the National Restaurant Association, Americans prefer Italian over all other ethnic cuisines. And while the average customer might enjoy a particular kind of homemade pasta or a chef’s signature seafood preparation, their return visit to an Italian restaurant is often based upon how much they want to lick the plate clean of its sauce.

Edible Aesthetics

Stopping to smell the roses—along with the whiskey—adds beauty and flavor to cocktail programs. Always a preferred centerpiece or plating accessory, flowers have become a bartender’s new best friend.

Fired Up and Ready to Grow

Most owners and chefs of debut restaurants—even those that are corporate—have modest ambitions for their projects: They simply hope to make it through that first, all-important, establishing year.

Ready to Open a Restaurant?

Even when it’s a labor of love, opening that first restaurant isn’t all positive, as Lambrine Macejewski learned when she opened Cocina 214 in Winter Park, Florida. Now, the elegant Tex-Mex restaurant has earned accolades and awards from media, diners, and OpenTable.

Dining Etiquette in a Digital Age

In this advanced digital age, rules of etiquette still apply in the restaurant setting, even if they do seem to change as quickly as the latest smartphone craze.Exactly what those codes of etiquette are varies from establishment to establishment, however.

Decadence Done Right

Of all the holidays, Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most indulgent, especially when it comes to decadent desserts. Lately, mixologists and chefs have introduced chocolate into every daypart, on beverage to pastry lists.


Culinary Institute of America

Studying Wine with the CIA

Frankie Saunders, the head sommelier at The Miami Beach EDITION Hotel, isn’t just an expert wine taster—she’s a master salesperson, turning one to three cases of a specific wine in a week.

Michy Displays Her Might

Like the city in which she was raised and educated, Chef Michelle Bernstein is a chameleon. Born to an Argentine-Jewish mother, whom she often credits with being her biggest inspiration, and a father whose background is both Jewish and Italian, Bernstein has come to personify Miami itself: Just when you think you’ve gotten to know her, she reinvents herself.



Ice Age

There was a time when chipped ice was reserved for highbrow balls or haughty Hollywood sets featuring debutantes, mobsters, or the Victorian aristocracy. Now the craft cocktail movement and its populist overtones have brought the elevation of cocktail ice to a fever pitch.