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Jill Watral

Sippable Snacks

While snacking is no new phenomenon to the American way of life, trends in snacking culture shift regularly, and drinkable snack popularity is on the rise. While many celebrate the Starbucks Frappuccino blended coffee beverage’s 20th birthday this year, others are opting for healthier, cleaner, selections like cold-pressed juices—a $100 million per year industry that shows no sign of declining popularity.

Coffee as Performance Art

As a finale to Alizé Restaurant’s seven-course tasting menu, guests who order coffee or hot tea are treated to an artistic performance of their beverage being created. The fine-dining restaurant, located at the top of the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, released the new beverage offering in June.

Prep Work for a Purpose

In 2008, two very special events occurred in Larry Houser’s life. On March 15, he opened his first restaurant, an upscale Southern-style eatery Bourbon Street Bar & Grill in Fullerton, California.

A Garden of Opportunity

On a whim, Adam Brick, chef de cuisine at Apis Restaurant & Apiary, stopped by his childhood alma mater, the Austin Montessori School. Always on the lookout for fresh ingredients to serve at Apis, which is located in Spicewood, Texas, Chef Brick was inspired to stop as he drove into Austin because he spied the school’s lush garden.

A Power Plant Recharges into a Dining Destination

On the outskirts of downtown St. Louis sits a neighborhood with historical roots that run to 1836, when Victorian settlers built and founded Lafayette Square, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.

Cooking for a Cause

Paul Turano is inviting more cooks into his kitchen and all for good causes. As executive chef and owner of two restaurants, he had little time to be out in the community supporting local charities. His solution? Bring charitable opportunities to his restaurants.