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Judith A. Stock

The Fundamentals of Fish to Fork

Robert’s Maine Grill, in Kittery, Maine, used to toss all its oyster shells into the trash can behind the restaurant to be carted off to the local landfill. Not anymore.“We were approached by the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) of New Hampshire and the University of New Hampshire in Durham to join in an oyster-shell recycling program,” says Jeremiah Fitzgerald, marketing manager for the restaurant.

Curating Culinary Excellence

Museum restaurants provide an optimum venue for displaying the artistic attributes of cuisine. From Manhattan’s Guggenheim Museum to Virginia’s Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, a number have struck the perfect blend of food and design.

Putting Food Waste to Good Use

Food waste is the No. 1 material that goes into landfills across the country today, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. And, until a few years ago, food waste wasn’t high on most restaurants’ priority list.

How Does Your Restaurant Garden Grow?

Situated in Nantucket Island’s historic downtown district, American Seasons restaurant is known for its hyper-fresh ingredients and seasonal culinary dishes.“At American Seasons restaurant, we’ve had a garden for 10 years.

Hunt, Gather, Sauté

From the earliest recorded history, our ancestors were hunters and gatherers who foraged for their foodstuffs.Centuries later, we’ve come full circle and chefs are getting back in touch with their ancestral roots through the practice of foraging to create flavorful culinary dishes served to patrons who prize freshness, local ingredients, and seasonal dishes.