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For Restaurants, a More Human Touch of Tech is Key

About four years ago, Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurants installed table-top tablets. The Ziosk devices allow customers to order drinks, appetizers, and desserts without a server. They include games for kids and empower customers to settle their bill whenever they please, without waiting for a ticket or handing over a credit card.

What to Expect from Commodity Prices in 2018

Guacamole is a point of pride for the culinary team at the two Dallas-area Urban Taco restaurants. And it’s no wonder; in addition to the traditional mix, the modern Mexican concept offers several inventive takes on guac.

What to Do About Those Insane Chicken Wing Prices

The rising cost of chicken wings has put so much pressure on Buffalo Wings & Rings that executives formed an in-house chicken task force to find ways to tackle the problem. “We meet every week to just go through and find out what we can do to alleviate some of the pressure,” says Tom Jenkins, director of franchise operations.

Can Off-Premise Dining Save the Restaurant Industry?

As casual dining chains struggle to maintain market share, many brands are looking to off-premise occasions to cushion against ongoing challenges in the segment. Executives from several large casual dining chains pressed the growing importance of carry-out and delivery orders in recent quarterly earnings calls with investors.

The Restaurant Chain That Gets Craft Beer Right

During Jeff Iverson’s college years in the 1980s, he witnessed a rapid change at college-town bars. While names like Budweiser, Coors, and Miller dominated the taps early on, about half the handles gave way to craft beer labels by the time he graduated in 1988.

Potential Ramifications of a Trump White House

In surveys conducted across 11 consecutive months leading up to the presidential election, operators questioned by the National Restaurant Association expressed negative sentiments about the business environment for the two quarters following.

Restaurants Improve Loyalty Through Gamification

While most advertising and marketing efforts have strict objectives and measurable outcomes, Jovanis Bouargoub is more flexible when it comes to his efforts to capitalize on the buzz surrounding Pokémon Go.

Erasing the Headache of Restaurant Bookkeeping

It’s a familiar sight: the back-of-house office overflowing with stacks of paper invoices documenting recent deliveries of linens, produce, meat, and dry goods. Perhaps the only thing worse than keeping tabs on all that paper is the headache of entering those costs into bookkeeping software.

Inspiration Italy

Perhaps no cooking style speaks to tradition as much as Italian cuisine. And perhaps no culture on earth holds food as closely as the people of Italy. From pesto ground from basil leaves in the north to the sweet cannelloni found down south in Sicily, Italian foods are much adored for their regional flair and their down-home characteristics.

Expense-Account Diners Bring Deeper Pockets

Robby Kukler’s first restaurant job came the way of a Best Western in Flint, Michigan, where taking care of weary travelers was the name of the game. Now, years later, Kukler is a partner at Fifth Group Restaurants, which operates seven restaurants and a full-service events company in Atlanta.

Cultivating Creative Capital

When owners of Midtown Manhattan’s Bukhara Grill decided to expand and purchase a catering hall in 2013, they started shopping around for bank loans to fund the purchase. Owner/partner Vicky Vij says two banks outright denied them and another put up obstacle after obstacle, dragging out the process for months.

All Set for Service

Stas Matviyenko loves a great lunch out. Not just the food, but also the chance to take a break from the stress of the workday. But there’s one part of the experience he could definitely live without.

Marrying Plate and Glass

As a beverage consultant and bar manager at Provision No. 14 in Washington, D.C., Chad Spangler says that until the last decade, the beverage programs he observed at most American restaurants were more or less uniform across all segments.