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On the Road to Regional Favorites

Hearty northern fare shines brightest in cold days of winter. Travel along with us as we visit Milan, Bologna, and Florence to uncover rich culinary traditions—and learn a thing or two about the etiquette of produce shopping.

’Tis the Season for Holiday Decor at Your Restaurant

Ask almost any local in Raleigh, North Carolina, for a holiday dinner recommendation, and there’s a good chance they’ll send you to 58-year-old steakhouse Angus Barn—and not just for the impressive wine list or gracious service.

Are Publishing Companies the Next Iteration of Restaurant Groups?

Food writers often joke that we’d never open a restaurant, mainly because we know too much: the ceaseless hours, the slim margins, and even slimmer chance of success. But more intrepid multi-platform media companies are taking the plunge into restaurant ownership to build touchpoints with ravenous followers, unearth new fans, and, yes, capture some of that elusive revenue.

Inside the Rise of Restaurant Automation

The menu at Boston fast-casual spot Spyce Kitchen is rife with personal touches from head chef Sam Benson. The Lebanese chicken-and-lentil bowl reminds him of the smell of his mother toasting coriander to grind with cinnamon when he was a child.

Why it's Time to Jump on the Big-Data Bandwagon

For years, large restaurant chains have been getting a leg up on the competition by using data science and data management to more effectively run operations. But as mobile and cloud technology become more widely available and affordable, micro-chains and even single-unit restaurants are embracing big data to take the guesswork out of management and stay competitive.

PN Wood Fired Pizza: A Crust Above the Rest

Manhattan is home to hundreds of independent pizzerias, each claiming singularity and superiority of style and ingredient quality or some combination thereof. Starting a pizza restaurant in this crowded, stubbornly opinionated landscape isn’t easy—something Italian chef Giacomo Baldi knew well when he opened PN Wood Fired Pizza in the NoMad neighborhood in 2016.

How to Bootstrap Your Restaurant to Success

Amid the current wave of powerhouse restaurant groups debuting one multimillion-dollar buildout after the next, it’s easy to forget that much of the restaurant industry is still made up of those ragtag owner-operated spots launched with a few bucks and a dream.

Middle Eastern Cuisine is Ready for its Moment

A group of countries spanning from North Africa to Asia, the Middle East is at the crossroads of rich cultures, fallen empires, and centuries of migration. It encompasses wide-ranging geographies, from vast, empty deserts to lush countrysides, long coastlines, and rocky mountains.

Should You Open a Fast Casual?

Even as momentum has slowed in the fast-casual sector, full-service operators and chefs continue to enter the quick-service fray en masse. Some want a crack at becoming the next Shake Shack or Sweetgreen, attracting investors and big potential profits.

How to Court Customers with Outside-the-Box Design

Dining out is a holistic experience—a delicate interplay of aroma, taste, sights, sounds, and environment. Interior design choices can transport guests from a suburban strip mall to a bustling downtown hotspot or 200 years back in time to a London opium den.

How Restaurants Can Ace Seasonal Labor

It’s no secret that staffing is a perennial challenge for restaurants—a struggle that extends to the gig economy, too. As traditional notions of work shift and on demand–type gigs become widespread, the industry continues to benefit from new apps dedicated to finding and placing restaurant workers at all levels.

Getting to the Meat of it

Like so many culinary traditions born out of necessity, the Italian approach to meat cookery and preservation has migrated and evolved over generations in the U.S. as chefs adapt these centuries-old methods to contemporary kitchens.