Shakes & Fries

The Convenience Store Threat

Forget your grandfather. These aren’t even your father’s convenience stores.There are menus touting spicy chorizo and smoked Gouda on ciabatta, baked tilapia, and arabica coffee. There’s signage broadcasting terms like artisanal, organic, and free range.

Marketing Musts

Miriam Silverberg believes the three restaurants for which she’s the publicist are successful because she’s lucky.But restaurants don’t market themselves, and marketing is too complicated to be lucky.

Emphasis on Employees

Ask any restaurant operator and he or she will tell you that turnover in the industry is high.But it doesn’t have to be. Employees who feel engaged by their job tend to stick around and be better staff members.

Management Style Turnaround Leads To Growing Company

Andy’s Burgers, Shakes & Fries is about to cross state lines.The Goldsboro, North Carolina-based casual dining company has 98 locations throughout its home state — 48 corporately owned and 50 franchised, and founder and president Kenney Moore says it’s time to grow even more.