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August 2016


Jack Allen’s Kitchen / Kenny Braun

Giving Back Pays Off

Whether the mantra is to be chef-driven or locally sourced, today’s restaurants are quick to communicate their ethos and let guests know what they value. At Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin, Texas, the restaurant group proudly calls itself community-driven.

The Ever-Changing World of Restaurant Design

The rise of the celebrity chef has left little room for debate. When it comes to brand recognition, the strongest identifier for restaurants remains the men or women who don the culinary whites. However, as any restaurateur can attest, the process of opening a new store from the ground up will result in a lengthy list of credits.

Catering Success

Combine a swanky steakhouse with a chic bar lounge and what results is STK, a group of 10 global eateries located in trendy neighborhoods in gateway cities such as New York, London, and Chicago. But The One Group, which owns STK, is always in pursuit of new revenue streams.

Cycling and Craft Beer Just Go Together

To learn the best bicycling cities, we turn to Bicycling magazine. And its editors list the top three two-wheeler towns as Minneapolis; Portland, Oregon; and Boulder, Colorado. So it’s no surprise to find three of the best bike-and-beer experiences in those locales.



The Little Dream Comes True

If there is truly such a thing as a guidebook for opening a restaurant, Tony Priolo and Ciro Longobardo ignored it. On the first day they welcomed guests to Piccolo Sogno, there was less than $3,000 in their business and personal bank accounts.