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December 2011

The Menu Experience Can Make or Break

When I dine out, I really love to read and evaluate the menu. I have always enjoyed discovering how various full-service restaurants establish a personality through the verbiage and through the descriptions of the dishes they turn out.


National Restaurant Association

The Obesity Buster

Watchdog groups, media and academia have long blamed restaurants for making America fat. The critics get even louder when the topic turns to our nation’s children.In an effort to address that criticism and tackle the problem head on, the National Restaurant Association, in collaboration with Healthy Dining, launched the Kids LiveWell initiative in July of this year.

Hot Beverages To Fire Up Sales

Restaurants can make money at both ends of the meal by serving hot drinks as bookends to the food.Hot cocktails can set the stage for a good meal, while Irish coffee, tea and cocktails can be the perfect end.

2012 Financial Forecast Remains Cloudy

Get ready for more of the same.Financial analysts, consultants and restaurant operators alike seem to agree that 2012 is shaping up to look a lot like its predecessor year.The U.S. economy is likely to grow modestly—about 2 percent—with jobs being added at an anemic pace.