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Top Beverage Picks

RumChata Cream Liqueur

Top Beverage Picks

Excellia Tequila Añejo

Top Beverage Picks

Ron Miel Honey Rum

January 2014


Many spirits companies have released products they hope will siphon off some of Jagermeister’s thunder, but once-obscure Czech liqueur Becherovka might have a good chance at it thanks to Pernod Ric

Dos Maderas 5 + 3 Rum

Dark rum and rich sherry each make for a wonderful winter beverage, but in this product they share space in the same bottle: The rum is aged for five years in the Caribbean before it is transferred

Drambuie 15

Regular Drambuie is essential for the Rusty Nail cocktail (and that’s about it), but the brand smartly announced a premium version of the scotch-honey liqueur a little while ago.

2010 Meiomi Wines Pinot Noir

The result of careful sourcing from three California counties, this Pinot Noir has silky tannins, along with a slightly sweet profile of ripe red fruit (including cherries and pomegranate) with a v

2011 Austin Hope Syrah

Don’t mask the earthy flavors of root vegetables with a fruit-bomb red wine. Syrahs are the perfect compromise. In this wine the layers of spice and dark-red fruit slide into a clean finish.