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July 2015

Profits vs. Pricey Proteins

It’s no secret protein prices have reached an all-time high. Beef prices continue to increase, which the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has attributed to supply and demand issues caused by severe droughts and rising agricultural costs.

EMV Explained

Whispers of an EMV migration have circulated in the industry for years, but come Oct. 1, all restaurants will face new Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) standards, representing a shift away from the magnetic swipe cards and chip-and-PIN cards that have been the standard in America for decades.

Independent’s Day Salute

On the night of the auspicious presentation of the 2015 James Beard Awards, one of New York City’s most renowned chefs tweeted an accolade to his friend and protégé: “Proud of you and your team,” read Chef Daniel Boulud’s tweet to Gavin Kaysen, chef/owner of Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis.

How to Name 100 Top Independent Operators

Three things will likely happen when you read our list of Top 100 independent operators.One, you”ll see some names you recognize and agree they should be included.Two, you’ll wonder why certain restaurants aren’t on the list, and you may even pick restaurants you’d pull off to make room for your choices.